Jiren’s Real Goal: Tournament of Power

One of the strongest fighters in the Tournament of Power is Jiren. He belongs to the Pride Troopers from Universe 11. The leader of the Pride Troopers is Toppo. However, Jiren is respected by all the other members as much as Toppo. Jiren is very hard to read in most cases as he is quiet most of the time. He only defends himself when challenged by the other fighters.

There is no fear or expressions from the guy at any given time in the whole time he has fought the other fighters. Goku has tried to challenge Jiren multiple times. He even blasted Jiren with a huge Spirit Bomb at one point. Jiren easily sent it back on Goku which made him activate Ultra Instinct. Although, that didn’t work at all.

Jiren’s Real Goal

Jiren is a passionate fighter who keeps saving his stamina throughout the initial phase. The rest of Pride Troopers kept engaging any fighters that wanted to take on Universe 11. Jiren is the main fighter for Universe 11, the trump card. Only when Jiren was pushed to the corner by Universe 7 fighters especially by Goku. His behavior changed. Jiren’s goal has been to survive the 30 minutes of the Tournament. If he is the last man standing, Universe 7 survives.

The pride troopers are the protectors of Universe 11. Jiren’s primary goal is exactly that. He wants to protect his universe from the Zeno. Additionally, Whatever the result of this tournament is, if Jiren survives, he will be coming up in the series again. Jiren is no bad guy at any point. So there is no evil expected from him.