Hey guys. Jiren is one of the main attractions of the Tournament of Power. He is Universe eleven’s strongest fighter in the entire Tournament of Power at least till now. Jiren has been responsible for some of the most badass moments. Earlier today we got the preview images for Dragon Ball Super episode 127. It’s going to be an intense episode as we already got the spoilers.

The title of the episode is “A Looming Obstacle Pinning Hope On The Final Barrier”. The episode will be airing on February eleventh. As the title suggests that the focus of this episode is going to be Android 17. It gives us the confirmation that Android 17 is staying put until episode 127, which is a big achievement. In the episode, Android 17 will be giving everything that he has got to save Universe 7 from getting erased. The injured Android 17 helps out Vegeta and Gokū as they still try to overpower Jiren.

With the elimination of Toppo, Jiren is alone and he will be unleashing his true power. Jiren has been a mysterious character so far in the series. We barely know anything about Jiren, except for the fact that he is a badass and that he can beat anyone. But, that is going to change. How? Well, we get preview images for the new episode one day before the release, and we got a rather interesting one today. Here’s the image.

In this image, you can clearly see Jiren as a child. Jiren has been training ever since he was a kid. Also, it looks like that Jiren is a member of a unique race. There are shadowy figures in the bottom of the picture, these are probably Jiren’s people. It looks like that Jiren’s people were wiped out by some powerful being. These events lead Jiren to start training because he felt powerless.

So, in order to throw away the powerless feeling, Jiren started training a lot and this is how he became the person, he is now. I believe that is the only reason why Jiren desires peace so much. And he would go to any lengths to save his people, so that tragedy won’t be repeated once again. I think it was about time that we got information about Jiren’s past.
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