We’ve been riding this Jiren hype for almost a year now, with Jiren occasionally beating other guys with only an ounce of his power. This helped to establish the ending of Dragon Ball Super’s heaviest arc yet: the Universal Survival arc. And now that we are near the end, Jiren started showing the truth about his power.

For someone who wants to protect justice, and being ironically powerful enough to destroy every participants out there. Jiren decided to be dormant in the Tournament of Power. His only direct eliminations were Maji-Kayo and Hit, the former being a psychopath who likes to cut Dyspo’s ears, and the latter being the one who pestered Jiren first.

Though ideally, if Jiren started mopping the floor earlier, he will not be the only one left to save Universe 11. Why is he only using his true power in the last four minutes of the Tournament? Is he really that confident that no one will be able to defeat him or at least, Toppo and Dyspo? Or is he desperate enough for needing to go all-out?

The reason might be because Jiren is not someone who likes to cause the erasure of a Universe, even though he has the capability to do so. Even though he is not the most eccentric Pride Trooper out there. He is still a pride trooper and adheres to the rules of justice. That is why he never took an enemy out except those who thinks he will be a threat to Universe 11. And this might also be the reason why he insulted Toppo when he lost to Vegeta.

His praises to Vegeta takes root into him being disappointed to Toppo. Even after casting aside everything unnecessary, even his justice. Toppo was still beaten by Vegeta, who casted aside nothing. This makes Jiren angry, because Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers. Justice is what makes the group stick around, and Jiren is upset because of Toppo casting aside his beloved justice.







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