The Identity Of The Evil-Doer Who Killed Jiren’s Family – Explained

Hey everyone! In this post, we will talk about the Evil doer, who killed Jiren’s family. Before I begin, I want to point out that this is just a theory. I’m just brainstorming ideas as to who I think the evil doer might be. If you don’t like reading theories, then I suggest you stop reading, and leave this post. However, if theories interest you, then let’s begin.

So let’s start with Jiren’s past. What do we know about Jiren? He was just a normal kid that was just living his life. Then one day, he saw his entire family get slaughtered. He was saved by a guy, who later he called his master. Jiren then trained under his master, so he could get stronger. Then when Jiren and his friends to went to fight, during this fight Jiren’s sensei sacrificed himself, and those who survived thought it was a lost cause.

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