Hey everyone! In this post, we will talk about the Evildoer, who killed Jiren’s family. Before I begin, I want to point out that this is just a theory. I’m just brainstorming ideas as to who I think the evil-doer might be. If you don’t like reading theories, then I suggest you stop reading, and leave this post. However, if theories interest you, then let’s begin.

So let’s start with Jiren’s past. What do we know about Jiren? He was just a normal kid that was just living his life. Then one day, he saw his entire family get slaughtered. He was saved by a guy, who later he called his master. Jiren then trained under his master, so he could get stronger. Then when Jiren and his friends to went to fight, during this fight Jiren’s sensei sacrificed himself, and those who survived thought it was a lost cause.

Jiren ended up alone. He had nobody to rely on and nobody to really give him any hope. He trained hard and believed that strength was the answer. This doesn’t really go along with his character that we’ve seen in the last few episodes. There isn’t much we can do about it. Jiren believes that strength can make you forget your past, but, let’s be honest he’s a broken man.

Now, getting back to the evil-doer, who is he? What do we know about them? We do have a clue. The purple aura, which means evil, and the God of Destruction aura. I believe that the evil-doer is Belmod. I have three reasons. The first is that Universe eleven is inspired by Batman. Belmod is the Joker, Marcarita is Harley Quinn, and Jiren is Batman.

You can’t trust Belmod. He’s good at tricking people, and he probably tricked Jiren. The second reason is Jiren because he’s similar to Beerus interest in the Super Saiyan God. Beerus fought him and threatened to destroy the planet, if Goku wasn’t able to defeat him. Belmod also fought Jiren and killed his family. This allowed Jiren to unleash his true power. He just wanted to see Jiren’s true power. Maybe their race has special powers and Belmod just wanted to see how far he could go.

The last reason why I believe that Belmod is the evil-doer is hinted by Jiren’s current power level. Jiren is at the level of a God of Destruction or even higher. He’s stronger than Belmod now. If the threat was weaker than Belmod. Jiren wouldn’t have even felt the need to get so strong as he is today. The fact is, this evil doer is as strong as Belmod at the very least, and that’s why Jiren had to surpass Belmod to stand a chance against this guy. The only problem is, Jiren has seen him twice already, so he would know what the evil-doer looks like. The only explanation I have is that Belmod is a Joker. He is good at building façade and hiding behind a mask. I’m pretty sure he isn’t as innocent as people think he is, and has a bigger goal his in mind. Hopefully, we’ll find out more about it as we move closer to the end of Dragon Ball Super.


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