At then end of the recent episode, Episode 110 Hit was shown to go after Jiren! In the next episode, Episode 111 it seems going after Jiren was not Hit’s best move of the Tournament!

It seems as if Hit gets Eliminated after his battle with Jiren in Episode 111. No matter what Hit was thinking when charging at Jiren, looks like things don’t work out for the “Legendary Assassin” of Universe 6, Hit! So lets talk about ways Hit will be Eliminated in Episode 111!

Theory #1: Hit is over powered by Jiren!
This is the most obvious theory on the list! Lets face it, if Hit loses to Goku in Super Saiyan Blue form, and Goku needed to go to this “Ultra Instinct” form in order to even be on par with Jiren, what chance does Hit really have? I know Hit improved from fighting Dyspo, but is Dyspo really that strong of an opponent to force Hit to improve that much? Goku was able to take on Dypso with Super Saiyan God.. This theory goes like this – At the end of the battle between Jiren and Hit, Jiren over powers Hit’s Time Skip or some other attack Hit is trying to use to get the edge on Jiren, and Jiren completely over powers Hit’s attack and blasts him out of the stage!

Theory #2: Weakened by Jiren, Hit is eliminated by another Universe!
This one is also possible when seeing what Jiren has done so far! Jiren has real no confirmed Eliminations.. Every battle or attack we have seen Jiren do, he has left his opponent’s in the Tournament Stage! When Jiren blasted Kale when she was on a rampage, or his battle with Goku.. This one entails Hit being completely exhausted and unable to move. While Hit is in such a vulnerable state, someone comes along and tosses Hit out of the Tournament stage..

Theory #3: Hit is Eliminated while sacrificing himself to take out Jiren!
This one is my personal favorite!! The reason I think this might happen is when Hit first charged at Jiren, and Jiren subtlety responded unimpressed, and Jiren replied back saying “I’m working!”. This says a lot to me! There could of been a deal made before the Tournament of Power between Hit and Champa where Hit is supposed to find the strongest in the Tournament and Eliminate them by any means! We know how much Champa loves to rely on Hit, even asking Vado’s if Hit happens to have 9 brothers and sisters? This is what makes this possible for me. Hit could be Eliminated while trying to either A: Drag Jiren off of the edge with him, and it doesn’t work so Hit is left Eliminated, or B: Hit tries to kill Jiren, knowing it would just be him Eliminated as stated in the latest episode when everyone thought Jiren killed Goku, but it back fires and Hit is accidentally killed!

These are my thoughts on how Hit could be Eliminated. What do you think? How do you think Hit will be Eliminated? Keep the conversation going by leaving your opinions and thoughts in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!