Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super will be coming to an end this March. The news about the ending of the series has sent the fans into a meltdown. Many Dragon Ball fans refuse to believe that the series is going on hiatus but that’s not what is really happening. Dragon Ball Super is really ending and it is really bad news as we were really enjoying the stuff that was being thrown at us.

However, we needn’t be sad as we will be getting a lot of new content after the Dragon Ball Super series ends. The standout of the new content is the new Dragon Ball movie. The movie is set to launch in December later this year. The movie is based on the origins of the Saiyans and it will be focusing on the origins of the Super Saiyan God. There was also the newly-released video game Dragon Ball FighterZ. For the majority of the fans, this would be enough but for those who have an insatiable appetite, Sean Schemmel has some exciting news. Sean Schemmel is the voice of Goku.

He got the fans hyped with a promise he just made on a Reddit Q&A. Sean said, “I’m sad about super ending, but there will be more movies and video games.” The response was done flooded by fans who were demanding a clarification on the statement. Fans were confused because with the new movie coming out this year and with Dragon Ball FighterZ releasing as well, was Sean Schemmel talking about the above-mentioned things? Or was he trying to hint us about new projects that are beyond 2018? One of the fans made a quite interesting point.

It was fairly simple that if the movie and games made enough money, there would be more games and movies.
Schemmel’s response seems to indicate that the of production may actually be in progress already. It is possible that Dragon Ball Super is ending right now so that Toei is going to work on bigger projects such as movies and games. Also, I think it is better for Dragon Ball Super to go a break instead of progressing further without any plot.

As of now, we love Dragon Ball Super and we are quite pleased to watch it. However, if the anime progresses further without any decent plot, we’d start hoping that the anime never happened. In this generation, you can’t just satisfy people. So, I think it’s better to set your aims low.
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