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Goku’s Ultra Instinct Form Is Incomplete And Here’s Why

Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is one of the most exciting stuff right now in the Tournament of Power. WIth even the Gods choking after seeing him transform like that, Goku’s position as one of the most powerful mortals is reinstated. Of course, Jiren is still another story, but Goku’s newest transformation is something that didn’t happen before, Even Whis and the Grand Priest was surprised.

Is this a Super Saiyan form? I wouldn’t think so. Super Saiyan forms are different in a sense that they can be achieved and strengthen by doing the right training and reaching the right requirements. It is also unlike Kaioken in which you can use it on the base form as well as on top of other forms like Super Saiyan Blue. It needs a spirit bomb the only Goku could make.

The Ultra Instinct form is also frighteningly calm compared to all of Goku’s transformation discoveries. If the Super Saiyan is the most violent, this one is so quiet that even Goku did not utter a single scream during transformation. This transformation might also be a one-time big-time transformation in a sense that after its appearance, we’ll never be able to see it again.

If there’s a reason why it would appear again, the reason would be because the form is still incomplete. Goku can make the power of Ultra Instinct stronger than ever before. Remember the promotional poster that the official DBS Twitter account posted months before the Tournament of Power? That legendary Goku’s bruised back?

The absence of the red aura which can be seen in the promotional photo caught my fancy. The fact that only half of Goku’s clothing was left in the photo, compared to his clothing right now, it can mean that we might see a stronger and more complete version of that form later on.

And not only that, Goku made a spirit bomb out of the participant’s standard Ki, hence the blue color. But what if someone who possesses a God-ki (like Vegeta) mixed in some of their energy in Goku’s spirit bomb? This might be the where the red aura would appear.

In one way, the red aura could also mean Goku’s rage. Rage can empower a Saiyan, as seen in many circumstances before, like Gohan and Trunks. If Goku can hold ultra-instinct longer and will also be able to lean on to his rage, Jiren might consider himself very unfortunate.


One Way Piccolo Can Get A Huge Power Up In Tournament Of Power

Fans of Piccolo, like myself have been wondering “just how can Piccolo be made Stronger and relevant again?”, and due to this Tournament of Power we may of just got that answer!

Enter the Namekians of Universe 6! We have seen Piccolo due the forbidden “Namekian Fusion” twice in Dragon Ball Z. Once with Nail and another with Kame! Could there be a reason why there are 2 Namekians for Universe 6? We know in Dragon Ball numbers can play a big part.

Why I say that, is Piccolo fused 2 times, and there are 2 Namekians.. I don’t think it’s much of a coincidence but purposely done by the writers. Could that be the writers way of making Piccolo stronger. Champa had to of seen the fight between Frost and Piccolo and honestly, Piccolo did alright but nothing too impressive where I would bet the fate of my Universe of 2 Namekians..

This could be because the writers are planning on bringing back Piccolo as a relevant character in the Dragon Ball Universe! I would love to see this. Yes, Piccolo has improved, but it’s not like he could put up a decent battle against ANY of our top fighters like Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, and Goku, like it was in the Android Saga where Piccolo could basically match a Super Saiyan.
Piccolo has ALWAYS been a fan favorite amongst fans in the Dragon Ball Community and it would be amazing to see Piccolo return as a relevant character again.. So what could happen in order for Piccolo to fuse with the Namekians in Universe 6?

First way of Piccolo fusing with the other Namekians could be to just save them! Piccolo could grow to like them, and have respect for these Universe 6 Namekians and knowing they could be erased Piccolo could mention the Namekians Fusion in order to save these Namekians from being erased.

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