Howdy Everyone, Dragon Ball Super is finally reaching to the finale of the Tournament Of Power and we are getting more and more fascinating news and spoilers everyday and today we got some new spoilers from KenXyro from Twitter, it’s the FujiTv review of episode 123. So, let’s get started with the spoilers.

According to the spoilers Goku is going to challenge Jiren after Vegeta gets injured, we already know this from the previous spoilers and the extended preview of episode 123, but this time we got some additional information, Goku is going to use  Instant Transmission along with immeasurable number of ki attacks hoping to confuse Jiren and catch him of gourd.

But the previous spoilers of episode 123 clearly said that Goku uses every trick up his sleeves but it didn’t have any effect on Jiren. So, I think that it’s referring to the part where Goku uses Instant Transmission and consecutive ki attacks on Jiren trying to confuse him but it’s totally clear that it didn’t work out the way 

Now let’s talk about what might happen in the next episode, Goku will use everything he got Instant Transmission, consecutive ki attacks but nothing will have an effect on Jiren. We already saw the preview of episode 123 that Jiren is going to get serious and he is going to beat the hell outta Goku, and then according to the spoilers and the preview of episode 123 Vegeta is going to release all his ki and gonna go beyond the regular Super Saiyan Blue or he is going to achieve Mastered Super Saiyan Blue.

As we can clearly see in the preview of episode 123, Jiren is basically trying to eliminate Goku it clearly shows that Jiren is finally getting serious because the time is passing and Tournament Of Power will end soon. Moreover, sources think that Goku is going to struggle against Jiren until Vegeta achieve form beyond Super Saiyan Blue which is said to be the Completed Super Saiyan Blue which was first revealed in the Dragon Ball Super manga. 

According to the Dragon Ball Super Manga, Completed Super Saiyan Blue is not completely safe or perfect, this technique requires intense focus in order to keep the ki from leaking out of the user’s body. However, any leakage of ki will cause noticeable pain to the user from the point of release. Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Super Manga also stated that such an action will cause the user’s body to become unstable and shatter at any given moment.

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