Gohan is one of the most gifted Saiyan’s in the Dragon Ball series, with having the half-Saiyan giving him more raw talent than both Vegeta and Goku combined. However, due to his kind nature, Gohan has slipped from an epic warrior to a disappointment quite a few times.

However, we have worked out that Gohan isn’t someone you want to make angry, even when he seems weak, which similar to the Hulk, as Gohan’s anger fuels his power.Now that Gohan is once again a reliable member of Universe 7’s team in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, we should look at all his achievements so far. With this list here highlighting all of Gohan’s transformation’s ranked from weakest to strongest.

5. Great Ape

Gohan’s first transformation came early in Dragon Ball Z, with the son of Goku being able to transform into a Great Ape just as every Saiyan could do. We got to see this form for the first time from Gohan in the Saiyan saga when the young boy crushed Vegeta.

4. Full Potential 

During Gohan’s time one Namek, the great Namekian leader in Lord Guru gave him the power hidden deep within. However, Guru was unable to release all of Gohan’s true potential, however, Gohan was able to unlock enough to hold back 2nd form Frieza.

3. Super Saiyan 

This is Gohan’s most commonly used form and sadly it has become a basic Saiyan ability now, as every Saiyan can pretty much do it.  Gohan first achieved this transformation while training for the Cell Games and at one point was the youngest Super Saiyan ever.

2. Super Saiyan 2

This is easily Gohan’s most popular form and also his greatest achievement in battle. Gohan was the first Saiyan to access the power of a Super Saiyan 2 and with it, he was able to defeat Cell. Many fans believe that this was Dragon Ball Z’s greatest moment ever.

1. Mystic 

This is so far Gohan’s ultimate form, which was granted to him by the Elder Kai. In this form, Gohan is incredibly powerful and in my opinion, we haven’t even seen the best of it just yet. Sadly Gohan is out of the Tournament of Power so we will have to wait until the next arc for a new form or an upgrade to this one.


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