According to Spoiler in Episode 119 one of Universe 7 Fighter Will get eliminated.So the Question is who will be the Victim?

Well, According to me there seem to be Two prime candidates for elimination in upcoming episode 119, and they are Gohan & Piccolo.

Gohan and Piccolo

Gohan and Piccolo are in a team battle against the Universe 6 Namekians. Piccolo proving that he can sacrifice himself to shield Gohan. This isn’t anything new, and we have seen it before.

This tournament isn’t just about strength but being smart. Gohan just isn’t there yet with combat experience because he only began to train again.

So I think it is probable for the first time we may see Gohan really save Piccolo which will cost him being dropped from the Arena.

But of course, Gohan fans would be very frustrated. If Gohan stays in maybe an outburst of rage from him is reasonable again like during the Cell Saga.

I just don’t know if that will occur in the tournament and they might concentrate on Gohan improving more after this Saga and achieving a new transformation then. So it’s a toss-up between the two who could get eliminated next. Piccolo devoting himself to save Gohan however it would be nice to see the reverse happen for once.

Anyone could be eliminated for various reasons and maybe who get’s excluded causes Universe 7 to work better mutually. Gohan sacrificing himself might make Goku to emotionally be able to control the strength of Ultra Instinct far higher than if anyone else was eliminated.

So the next elimination for Universe 7 could be Gohan. Leaving the fighters with more greater fighting experience in the ring to play a significant part of this tournament as it goes on. With opponents like Jiren, I think in the last it is just going to come down to teamwork if you are going to beat him.


The Reason Why Universe 6 Namekians Wear Gloves

At the beginning of the Tournament of Power, we have seen Universe 6 gaining the lead with Universe 7 through numbers. But right now, we two warriors left in the stage, the Universe 6 is the weakest Universe remaining in the tournament. No wonder Champa is getting paranoid, with his Kaioshin turning into “bwaaahhhh” monster.

Namekians are powerful warriors, but they don’t have explosive power-ups like the Saiyans. A Namekian is once the biggest threat to Earth’s safety. But over time, their significance in the show decreased. Now, the only Namekian that we see from Universe 7 are Piccolo and Dende. Though it is still an established fact that Namekians are one of the smartest races in the Universe.

Seeing new Namekians from Universe 6 is quite a refreshing thing in the Tournament of Power. Piccolo can represent his race very well, he is still one of the most significant characters in the series. But reintroducing this race for the wave of new viewers is quite a good thing. Though there is something very weird about these Namekian Warriors.

I don’t know if you noticed it too, but that Namekian who looks like Lord Slug is wearing a pair of white gloves. Pirina, the Namekian with gloves, seems to be the most powerful between the two. Saonel is like a weaker version of Piccolo. We haven’t seen them give their full power but they seem to be hiding….



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