Hey there Dragon Ball fans welcome to my first ever Dragon Ball discussion, where today we’re going to be talking about why Gogeta should not happen in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power. Now the only reason why I am bringing this up is because of the recent introduction or at least the reintroduction of Vegito back in Dragon Ball Super’s Future Trunks story arc. Now having to again spoiler alert having the potential fusion of both Kale and Caulifla people have been speculating, theorizing on the idea of Gogeta appearing in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc.

Now to shed light on this, I will say I do not hate the concept of Gogeta whatsoever, in fact I would love to see Gogeta in Dragon Ball Super for various reasons. We haven’t seen him since his battle with Janemba and of course the predate Dragon Ball Gt, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta versus Omega Shenron. Universally, most of us can come together and agree that Gogeta is a very unique character in his owm right, however, the Tournament of Power, I believe should only be centered around singular characters in specific Jiren and Goku.

Now having to predate all the way back since the inception of the Universal Survival arc, we understood that it was because of Goku having to remind the Zenos about the tournament in order for him to fight the strongest. One of the main reasons is to why Goku called for this tournament is because he was excited when he found out that there are other universes out there with strongest warriors that surpass him, he wanted to see for himself.

So this arc oughta only center around Goku and now with the introduction of Ultra Instinct having to come into play, there is no need for a fusion, specifically Gogeta or Vegito for that matter. Now again I understand a lot of people would love to see Gogeta vs Jiren, I myself am one of them, however, it is not logical nor do I believe in terms of story and plot would it make sense of course.

Unless Ultra Instinct gets beatdown to the point where Jiren supersedes even that, then maybe there can be some cause for concern in both Goku and Vegeta and coming to the realization that even Super Saiyan Blue, Kaio-Ken, Ultra Instinct is still not enough. Similar to Vegito there was a key reason as to why Vegito was brought back.

Why? Because they were not only fighting a very powerful enemy who even surpassed Super Saiyan Blue, but also couldn’t die due to having immortality. So then we got Vegito again who is very powerful in his own right having to combat someone who cannot die was a good concept. However, here we are introduced with someone who is supposing rival the gods in power that being Jiren.

With Goku’s now given Ultra Instinct I don’t think it would make sense narrative wise for Goku to have Ultra Instinct and ultimately failing in resulting in Goku and Vegeta having to combine bodies yet again. Especially since this is Goku’s fight, this is Goku’s call, Goku called for this tournament by reminding Zeno, even though Zeno was going to destroy all of the universes, prior Goku did do a good thing by giving the other universes a fighting chance.

But ultimately it’ll just be a monstrous ass pull if by some chance we get Ultra Instinct Goku having to lose yet again, only for there to be fusion introduction as a result of Goku failing yet again. And having to reflect back on that concept,” What would be the point of giving Goku Ultra Instinct if the end goal would be for Goku and Vegeta to combine bodies?”

So I don’t think that Gogeta should be introduced in the Tournament of Power, nor do I think he will because at the end of the day it just simply wouldn’t make sense. Yeah it would be cool to see Jiren combat the likes and fight off a fusion such as Gogeta. But as the end of the day narrative wise, it just wouldn’t make sense and with that to replace someone like Gogeta or even Vegito.

Since people do want to see Vegito in the tournament, they have the replacement Caulifla having to combine her powers with Kale, alongside various other things we’ve seen in Super thus far. Because the Tournament of Power has introduced various different transformations and concepts that were simply pulled out of the blue with no explanation behind it. In which I do hope the manga capatilizes, if not the anime and further explaining these events as the show carries on through.

The concept of Gogeta as of right now is illogical for it to happen and if it did happen? You have to beg the question: As to what would Gogeta do if he were part of this tournament? Especially now considering that we have two Super Saiyan Blues’, with one of them barring Ultra Instinct, would that be overkill? I think that if the concept of Gogeta were to be introduced, it ought to be introduced in many arcs from now instead of having a debut in the Tournament of Power.

Because for: 1)it wouldn’t make sense, 2) it would revoke the idea of Goku having to have his definitive fight with Jiren, and 3)given the cirumstances each universe is on the line, I don’t think someone like Gogeta having to be introduced would be essential in fighting someone like Jiren, but instead if there were to be a new enemy introduced down the line that ought to be Gogeta’s calling card.

With all that being said, I would like to know from you guys as to where you stand on the ideas of Gogeta? Should he be introduced in Dragon Ball Super at all? And if he should? At what given point should he be introduced? Again like always I hope to hear from you guys and I’ll see you on the next one see ya!


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