God of Destruction Toppo was eliminated by the beyond Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta. The last episode was an epic one. It also triggered Jiren to finally unleash his real power after months of hype. Vegeta was also out of gas as seen in the last moments, but he was alive. And Android 17, after being hit by Jiren’s blast, emerged from the rubbles and has been shown safe but injured. A lot of things happened in the last episode.

The amidst the hell and chaos consuming the World of Void, there is one ultimate question that needed to be addressed: where the heck is Frieza? Ever since he was blasted alongside Android 17, he never made an appearance. It can be assumed that he is hiding (or wasted) somewhere because after taking Toppo’s attacks, he has been in a very bad shape.

Frieza was not even shown alongside the whole Universe 7 gang at the end of the episode. But albeit being missing in the group picture, Frieza is not eliminated. He is still in the tournament of power because haven’t appeared on the bench yet. But if he is not yet eliminated, where could he be?

It is possible that Frieza is now out of commission because of the damages her received during his anger-stirred rampage against Toppo. He cannot even turn into his Golden Form again, which probably means that he is out of stamina already. It is also possible that he realized fighting against Jiren will not work for his advantage, since he tried to avoid Jiren even at the beginning of the Tournament.

Either way, it is impossible that we will not see Frieza soon in the Tournament of Power. He might be hiding somewhere right now and waiting, or he might be hiding to stay safe, but he is still in the Tournament of Power. What he will do next should be worth the wait.



DBS Spoilers, Jiren Has Been Injured For The First Time – Photos

Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about Dragon Ball Super Episode 127. Before I begin, I want to let you all know that this post contains a lot of spoilers from Episode 127. If you’d rather avoid spoilers and wait for the episode, then i suggest you stop reading here. However, if you don’t mind being spoiled, then let’s continue. Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 saw to it that Toppo was eliminated from the Tournament of Power.

Since the spoilers for 127 were out pretty early, Toppo’s absence did imply that he would probably be eliminated in episode 126 of Dragon Ball Super, and that is exactly what happened. Vegeta was the one who blew Toppo away with his tremendous power. He did lose all his energy in the process, but a very strong fighter got eliminated as well.

Episode 127 sees Goku, Vegeta and 17 team up against Jiren in a 3 v 1 battle. Jiren is finally going to reveal his hidden power. We don’t know what that is yet. However, we do know that Jiren is going to unleash a fiery red aura in Dragon Ball Super Episode 127. An interesting thing to note in the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 of Dragon Ball Super was Jiren’s injury.

If you look carefully, Jiren has been attacked from behind, and he has been injured, just like Toppo was at first. I don’t know who it was that did it to him. But, I do know that this is the first injury that Jiren has received so far. It would also be interesting to see how Jiren would have been injured. I suspect this is Freeza’s doing, but nothing can be sure as of now.

Despite taking a blow to the back, Jiren is going to go all out, and blow both Goku and Vegeta away in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. We see them both powered down as well. Android 17 is going to be a major character in Dragon Ball Super Episode 127.

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