Freeza is one of the main DBS villains, and at this point, he is also a character important to the story. He was selected for the Tournament of Power squad because of Majin Buu not being able to participate. But, we all pretty much know that Freeza is planning something sinister that goes along the lines of his character really.

Freeza has been in the Dragon Ball franchise for long, and the love the fans have for him is one of the reasons why he keeps coming back. Now, right now, Freeza is dead. However, he will certainly have something up his sleeve that will see him get back to life, or maybe even become Immortal, which has been his dream for a long time.

Today I wanted to share an interesting theory with you guys that I can across recently, and it has to do with Freeza, and Jiren. Now, before I begin, this is just a theory. No need to jump guns. The theory states that Freeza is an evil character, which we all know. When Jiren fought against Hit, he scoffed at his “Assassin’s Pride”, which means he won’t like Freeza either.

Jiren has only eliminated two characters so far, and they are Maji Kayo, and Hit. Both were a malice, and Maji Kayo attacked Dyspo, which made Jiren angry. Hit was an assassin, which is one of the most hated people for Jiren. Even though Freeza is actually avoiding combat with Jiren, he is going to have to face him sooner or later.

If that does happen, I don’t think Jiren will show any mercy to Freeza. While Freeza is indeed strong, he is nothing compared to Jiren. Even if Freeza has multiplied his powers, he still won’t stand a chance against Jiren, because he’s just that strong. The way Jiren has eliminated people leads me to believe that he’s only eliminating the evil ones who approach him.

He could’ve done the same to Goku or Kale, but he didn’t. Hell, he could’ve eliminated half the people in the Tournament of Power with just his Ki, but he didn’t. This tells me Jiren is certainly trying not to get other Universes erased as much as possible. That’s his sense of Justice, and I really like that. Freeza, though, is not someone Jiren would sympathize with, which is what leads me to believe that Freeza will get eliminated by Jiren’s hands.


Goku is Secretly Trying To Push Himself To Break His Limit

Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to be talking about Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode, which is episode 118, and a big thing that nobody noticed from it. Now, like always, I wanna let you guys know that this post will events from the Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super, so if you haven’t watched the episode yet, I suggest that you do, in order to avoid any spoilers.

So, if you already have watched the episode, let’s continue. Since about a week, Episode 118 was being teased as a major episode, that would end with the erasure of a Universe. Turns out, it wasn’t one Universe that was getting erased, it was multiple Universes. Two to be precise. Heles’ Universe 2, and Champa’s Universe 6 were both erased in what was an extremely emotional episode.

While the more interesting part was the one that was focused on Gohan and Piccolo, and their fight against the Universe 6 Namekians, that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about Goku, and his fight against the Universe 2’s remaining warriors. In order to defeat them, Goku had to unleash a Kamehameha wave. However, what many people didn’t notice that it was only when he used Kaio-ken alongside the Kamehameha for a split-second did he win.

That’s right. Goku did resort to using Kaio-ken blue once again to break through the Universe 2 Blackhole. While this doesn’t mean anything on surface, it actually has huge significance. This is where Whis comes in. If you might remember, Whis was talking about Goku and the Ultra Instinct towards the end of the episode.

He basically said that it won’t be easy for Goku to attain Ultra Instinct from here on out. Previously, what we saw was Goku went Kaio-ken x20, and drained his energy. However, at the very moment he felt out of energy, Ultra Instinct awakened.

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