If there was any doubt at all about Frieza and why he decided to lend Goku his energy in order to continue the Tournament of Power, Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 may just reveal why. If it were not for the stakes being so high the Grand Priest and both Zenos being the top authority figures and the threat of erasure, Frieza could undoubtedly, if given the opportunity have killed Goku on the the spot rather then help him.

But why help him instead of getting rid of him? The answer is Jiren, it’s obvious that Frieza has gotten stronger through the years and through the sheer desire to kill Goku has grown even more through such a short time, but despite all of this Frieza knows that he is no match for Jiren. So why even bother? Why bother wasting your time and energy? When you can have someone else do all the work for you, upon a team-mate’s Frieza knows that if he engages with Jiren at this very point, the end result will only get him wrung out, thus losing his chance to be granted the Super Dragon Balls.

However, in this case Frieza is allowing Goku to do all the work for him and if you think about it by the end, the threat of anyone opposing Frieza would’ve died down to a bare minimum, in thus allowing the top-tier threats in the tournament to be obsolete as Frieza makes it to the finale in the Tournament of Power. It’s also worthy of noting that in a very cunning and devious way, Frieza also reminded Goku of something that the gods were really concerned about, by reminding Goku of Ultra Instinct.

Now why was it a method? Now why? Was it a method or a source to get Goku motivated enough to tap back into this power? Similar to how he did when he first discovered Super Saiyan God? Or is Frieza simply baiting Goku in revealing all of the secrets and answers?

That way Frieza may also pick up on it as well. It’s safe to say Frieza will not fight Jiren, at least not for now of the obvious obliteration. But do you think Frieza will use whoever he needs to, in order for him to make it to the end, but perhaps it was something Frieza said during Dragon Ball Super episode 95, that foreshadowed the future events to come.

Isn’t it odd that Goku has now tapped into a power that wierdly allows one’s body to react without thinking? The Mastery of Self-Movement, where as Frieza’s stated during Dragon Ball Super episode 95 in quoting,” Your movements, my victory.” Relating back to Dragon Ball Super episode 111 where Goku mentioned Ultra Instinct in saying,” If I do that again, will I be able to beat Jiren?”

How else would he beat him, then using a higher power, movements perhaps the same movements that Frieza had mentioned before in his victory. But also going as far as saying,” Now I am sure of it. This tournament that risks erasure of the universes is the perfect chance to manipulate, even the gods! I’ll have the last laugh. You won’t be doing as you please forever, Beerus.”

This is important moving forward because with careful planning and patience, once the time is right for Frieza to truly go all-in he will. But the question is, at what point will we see Frieza’s true intentions arise? He’ll do what he needs to in order to to play along, as thus far the only person who had trusted him only to be backstabbed in the end was Frost. So is Frieza doing the same to Goku in simply buying time?

Frieza said it best towards the end of episode 95,” This isn’t over between us.” And surely it’s not, but what are Frieza’s motives now that he knows what the gods are afraid of? Now that he knows that the only person who can actually stand up to Jiren is Goku and of course lets not forget the events that transpired involving Gohan and Frost, as it was pointed out even by the gods and of course Whis.

That Frieza’s motives are probably far beyond resurrection in the idea that if he is the last remaining warrior who poses to be the best, perhaps maybe his wish is that to kill off a god. So even as pointed out by Whis, even if Universe 7 manages to win with Frieza still on the team, Universe 7 is not promised victory.

So let me know what you think of this, do you think Frieza is buying time? Or will he wait till the time is right and then he’ll strike? Again let me know what you guys think of all of this and I will see you on the next one peace!:)

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