The Dragon Ball Series has introduced a lot of concepts, characters and attacks in the past, and even now in Dragon Ball Super. We are given new characters and attacks in almost every arc, while not really letting the old ones left forgotten. With that said, the Dragon Ball has one of the biggest fanbases and is one of the most iconic anime of all time.

In a franchise where power is one of the most important factors to determine whether someone could beat someone, attacks and finishers are one to look out for. Sometimes, the story will build out something big that keeps viewers to look forward to the next episodes. Most of these things fail, and here are the top five things that left us disappointed as kids.

5. Fusions

The fusion was first introduced by Goku and first used by kid Trunks and kid Goten. It was supposed to be the perfect technique that could destroy Buu. What’s best with this arc was that for the first time, characters were not rooting for Goku to beat an enemy. And for the first time in many years, we saw Master Piccolo in the move once again.

The appearance of the fusion was built in so many episodes that everyone was literally looking forward for it. But when the battle came, Gotenks failed to defeat Buu. The honor of killing Buu was once again given to Goku at the end of the Buu saga. The first and last usage of fusion (through fusion dance) failed big time, with Buu even absorbing Piccolo and Gotenks to give Gohan a hard time.

4. Vegeta

You don’t even have to think twice before knowing what is the meaning of this item. Vegeta always has this scenes that seem to steer him towards greatness. That, and his awesome one liners with his big attacks means business. There are times when he is the absolute villain and the unexpected hero, but he always lacks that scene where he was being built towards his own moment and not fail.

An example of this is when he was about to defeat Frieza but then again, Goku get all the glory from him. In the Tournament of Power, his greatest moments were always shared by someone, whether it be with Goku or with Master Roshi. The thing is, he is always trying to beat someone but always fails. The only time he successfully beat Goku was with his My Bulma moments, but still, he failed to defeat or even hurt Beerus.

3. The Destructo Disc

Krillin’s technique is one of the most popular techniques in the series. It is one of the most unique Ki attacks because instead of exploding, its use is to cut the flesh of the target. It is also a very dangerous attack if used properly. Although it is a very special move, the thing about this it is that it always fails.

And the biggest failure of this technique is not Krillin who doesn’t seem to manage land the disc in the target. For some reason, it always fails. The biggest failure I have seen with this technique is when Frieza made his own disc to cut his enemy in half, but it cut him in half instead.

2. Gohan’s Potential

Everyone is talking about Gohan’s potential in the Cell Games. He was the strongest Saiyan beside his father and Vegeta. Though all of his power was released on his mystic form, there is no doubt about the fact that he never beat someone very powerful with it.

For some reason, even though Gohan is very powerful and his potential is very big, his potential is unable to defeat a main villain. That is the reason why some fans are stuck with his Super Saiyan 2 greatness instead of his Mystic Form.

1. Spirit Bomb

I like to think that this attack, which is supposed to be Goku’s most powerful attack, has killed any major characters. Sadly, Goku’s Spirit Bomb doesn’t have a very impressive resume compared to his Kamehameha. Every time Goku decided to use this attack, the attack always fails.

I started to think that this technique is meant to drag episodes longer than actually kill the enemy. In the end, Goku’s Kamehameha is the one who always finishes the battle.