Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super released episode number 115 today. There was a lot of hype surrounding this episode as in the preview, it was stated that Kefla defeats Gokū’s Super Saiyan Blue form. Going into today’s episode, I’m sure all of you were just as tensed as me. There was a possibility that Gokū might actually be beaten and Kefla would take home all the accolades. However, Gokū did something very Gokū-esque. Just as it looked that Gokū’s tournament would come to a close, he unleashed his most recently acquired power. He used the Ultra Instinct or Migatte no Gokui.

I don’t think it should’ve been used just after a few episodes. It loses all the hype and you know coolness. Gokū’s Ultra instinct saved him yet again. However, the overwhelming energy coming from his body has led Jiren to finally awakening from his sleep. However let’s go deep into the world episode. We were able to get a glimpse into Toyotaro’s work and it was quite shocking to see that a mysterious angel appeared. We don’t know anything about apart from the name which is Makgeolla.

As you can see in the photo that we have not seen this mysterious angel. Many people have already forwarded their views on this mysterious angel. If you take a look at her closely, she looks both young and old. It is possible that this angel is from one of the erased universes.

Either that or she is a rejected character. But, personally speaking, I highly doubt that she is a rejected character. Instead she might a brand new character altogether. Another big hint is the name of the angel, it is different from the names of the angels we knew. Here is another photo in which you can see Toyotaro working on a new manga chapter with the art in front of him.

It could also be possible that she will be a manga only character. But that’s just another possibility. We’ll have till for the manga to come out so that we can it for ourselves.
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