Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 dropped this week, and I think most fans were satisfied with what they saw. Last week, we saw the battle between Goku and Kafla heating up, and it finally reached a point where Goku could no longer keep up with Kafla or her powers. Even though Goku went blue, he couldn’t do much against her, which caused an outrage among the fans.

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Even though Goku was powered up by the multipliers of Kaio-ken, he still couldn’t do any serious damage to Kafla. This week, Kafla showed the ability to take her powers even beyond her limits, and she achieved Super Saiyan 2! But, unfortunately, she was up against Goku, the central figure in the Tournament of Power. There was no way Goku would lose here, and that’s what happened.

At the right moment, Goku awakened the power of Ultra Instinct yet again, and this helped him deal with Kafla. But, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. During Goku’s fight against Kafla, we saw that Vegeta was paying close attention. Vegeta was last seen fighting against Toppo, but we know that stopped midway, and instead, Vegeta was observing Goku. In the end, he came to the conclusion that he too should be able to do Ultra Instinct because let’s face it, he and Goku have gone through the same training.

In fact, Vegeta has trained under Whis for longer. So, anything Goku can do, Vegeta should be able to do as well. From the spoilers of Dragon Ball Super 117, we know that Vegeta will try using Ultra Instinct, but fail.

However, that’s not going to be it for Vegeta. I know this has caused an outrage among the fans, and even I was really upset about this. But, I think this only suggests Vegeta will get Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power. Vegeta swore an oath to master Ultra Instinct before Goku. We know Vegeta is a serious rival of Goku, so they won’t let him fall behind him so much. This is a rather interesting detail, and I think it means that we’ll be seeing Ultra Instinct Vegeta in the Tournament of Power.

Toshio also teased Vegeta being cool in one of his episodes. So, you can rest easy, because Vegeta isn’t going to be eliminated anytime soon. I want to see him fight Jiren at least once, and I think that’s going to happen. I’d like to see it happen. For that, he’ll need to master Ultra Instinct, or at least awaken it. Honestly, I want Ultra Instinct Vegeta to happen. What about you guys? How would you feel if Vegeta gets Ultra Instinct as well? Do you think the form would lose all meaning if both Goku and Vegeta awaken it in the Tournament of Power? Or do you think if Goku could do it, Vegeta should be able to do it as well?

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Did Dragon Ball Super 117 Just Confirm [Spoiler]?

With 17 minutes to go, the Tournament of Power is entering a phase with exciting fights all around. Almost all the fodders are gone now, and all we have left are strong warriors, except maybe a few. Even they won’t last long, because the next couple of episodes will erase another Universe from the Tournament of Power, meaning we’ll be left with only five, after Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super.

This week, Goku went up against Kafla, and thanks to Ultra Instinct, he was able to finish the job. Even though Kafla went Super Saiyan 2, and broke her limits yet again, Goku didn’t even give her an inch of space. She lost, and as a result, Universe 6 has just two warriors left now. Saoneru, and Pirina, who don’t look to be all that powerful.

So, I think Universe 6 faces a huge threat of elimination right now. But, they’re not the only one in danger. Universe 2 is also on the wafer-thin ice, and they can be erased any moment now. The next Universe to go, in my opinion, would be Universe 2. However, the preview for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super just hinted at the birth of a new Universe 2 warrior. Universe 2 needs something to cling on to, and I think this may just be it.

Looking at the screenshot, it looks like a post we’re familiar with. The fusion dance. I think this means that we’re getting yet another fusion in the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super. After Kafla, this will be the second fusion that we’ll see. There is also the Universe 3 Megazord that may fuse in the…



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