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Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about the end of Dragon Ball Super, which is pretty much everywhere over the Internet right now. As you might’ve heard already Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end this March. Episode 131 is going to be the final episode of Super, and with that, the Universe Survival Arc is going to wrap up. Rumors about Dragon Ball Super ending broke out about a week ago over the Internet, and I think the term everyone was using was ‘Hiatus’.

Gegege no Kitaro is going to air in Dragon Ball Super’s time slot from April 1st. The anime franchise is pretty old, and it comes out at least once every decade. This year, it is going to celebrate its 50th Anniversary with a new series. Conveniently, Dragon Ball Super will be off-air after March 25th. The big question that everyone is asking right now is whether or not Dragon Ball Super will return.

I will be honest with you guys. Super is not going to return as we know. I don’t want to spread any misinformation, and I’m putting things as they are. Dragon Ball Super is not on a hiatus. However, is this really the end of the Dragon Ball franchise? Well, not really. Dragon Ball has a movie coming out in December of this year, and it’s based on the Saiyans and their origin.

What I’ve told you guys about the show’s ending is 100% confirmed. From here onward, were going to discuss whether Super will return, or not. According to the rumors, this is not the end of Dragon Ball Super. It is more like a finale for the Universe Survival Arc. As you know, the Dragon Ball movie is coming out in December.

It is going to be extremely hard for the staff to work both on the anime, and the movie. The staff that works on DBS is already very crammed. Yuya Takahashi recently said that he gets half of the free time he usually gets with Dragon Ball Super, and Naotoshi Shida said that the schedule is pretty difficult. When One Piece Film Gold came out, Shida, and other top Toei animators and staff were working on it.

One Piece Live-action release date

As a result, the quality of Dragon Ball Super dropped considerably during that period of time. To avoid that happening this time, Dragon Ball Super is going to be off-air. All the staff will get time to work on the movie, and as a result, the quality of Dragon Ball Super won’t drop as well. Fuji TV also said something long the lines of this not being the end of DBS. The series is, more likely than not, going to return in the future.

The Dragon Ball Super manga is going to continue in the V-Jump, and it will come out with a new chapter monthly. Super going off-air will also give Toyotaro the time he needs to catch up to the anime. The manga is at the beginning of the Tournament of Power arc right now, and it will probably take a year for it to catch up to the anime. The biggest factor that supports the return of Dragon Ball Super is that fact that the show makes a lot of money.

It is so huge that I don’t think there’s any way this will be the end. Dragon Ball Super might end, but they might come out with a new series afterwards. Most people in the Dragon Ball community seem to think that after Dragon Ball Super ends in March, it will likely return in April 2019. It is unknown whether we’ll get a new series, or if Dragon Ball Super will continue, but I guess that won’t be clear until we’re actually close to the anime’s return.

As the Dragon Ball movie ends, the staff that works on Dragon Ball Super will probably resume work on the series. So when exactly will Dragon Ball Super return, according to the rumors? It isn’t clear, but it’s not going to happen anytime this year. Dragon Ball Super won’t be returning in 2018. It might return in January 2019 at the earliest.

But in my opinion, a return in April would be more fitting, considering both Dragon Ball Kai, and Dragon Ball Z began in April as well. If you ask me, I’ll only tell you that it is too early for Dragon Ball Super to end. We have a lot of stuff left to cover, with the money it generates, there is no way they’re going to end it with the Tournament of Power. But that’s just my take on it. Officially, what we know is Dragon Ball Super is ending in March. Everything else that you hear is speculation, and should be treated just as that. I hope I was able to provide some information on what’s actually going on, and why I think Super might return. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I’ll see you guys soon!


The Real Reason Why There Is No Blood And Gore In DBS

Dragon Ball Super is one of the biggest anime right now. The series is a prequel to Dragon Ball Z which ended decades ago. Dragon Ball Super was announced back in 2015, and has enjoyed quite a lot of success. It had a lot to live up to. When you have something as successful as Dragon Ball Z, it is hard to follow it up with something just as good.

But, Dragon Ball Super has not disappointed, and although the show may not be as popular as Dragon Ball Z, it is still pretty good. There have been some ups and downs in Dragon Ball Super as well. Earlier, fans had problems with the show beginning with the anime adaptation of Battle of Gods, and Resurrection F as well. The animation staff was also heavily criticized back in 2016. But, I think the show has improved considerably since then.

One big thing that upsets fans, and is still missing in Dragon Ball Super is blood. While Dragon Ball series isn’t generally one filled with gore, it used to have its bloody moments during epic fights. Every single fight in Dragon Ball Super had powerful moments where the fighters would get severely injured, and hence end up all soaked in blood. There were even moments of extreme gore, like this one:

Dragon Ball Super has its issues with censorship, and as a result, we don’t get to see blood in the anime anymore. It isn’t really a big issue. However, it is one that has been questioned often. The fact is that Dragon Ball Super isn’t allowed to animate scenes with blood in them. This is because Dragon Ball Super is aimed at a younger audience. They just aren’t allowed to film such content.

Naotoshi Shida, an animator that works for Toei was recently asked about the lack of blood in Dragon Ball Super anime. He was asked:
“Hi! why is there no blood in Dragon Ball Super?”
Shida: “In the past it was fine, but in recent years, it has been banned by the TV broadcasting code.”

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