Dragon Ball Super’s New Arc After Universal Arc was teased in the most recent interview between Dragon Ball Super staff and reporters. Dragon Ball Super started back in 2015 and after 131 episode it’s journey will end on  March 31st 2018. Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 will be the final episode for Dragon Ball Super and DBS Episode 131 is titled “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until we meet Again!!”. The title is very similar to that of Dragon Ball GT’s last episode.

There was a recent Interview with Dragon ball Super production team and reporters. This interview was on the Official Site of Dragon Ball Super in Japanese, which was later translated by Herms98 in English. This interview revealed many important parts, which were unknown and the most important part was the future of Dragon Ball Super’s New Arc.

Dragon Ball Super 131

  • Neither Caulifla or Kale were in Toriyama’s original draft. During a conference meeting, the subject of Broly’s popularity came up, and so the anime staff created Kale. They made her a girl, so that she wouldn’t be exactly the same as Broly. Once they showed Kale to Toriyama, he created Caulifla to go along with her.
  • Toriyama’s original draft included a document describing what happens to the U7 warriors in the tournament, from beginning to end. This included who Piccolo (for instance) loses to, and who survives to the end. The document included all the main points, such as the battle between U7 and U11.
  • Toriyama decided on all ten members of the U7 team, including the surprise of Buu being replaced with Freeza.
  • As the flow of the story was decided upon, Toriyama came up with the idea of Ultra Instinct, including it’s name and design, as a power-up for Goku that was completely different from Super Saiyan.
  • Toppo being a candidate for God of Destruction was included in Toriyama’s draft.
  • The staff wondered how to handle Dyspo’s character, and his cocky personality was only decided upon once Bin Shimada was cast in the role.
  • The rest of the Pride Troopers were thought up by the anime staff.
  • Takami personally thinks that Toriyama might be trying to set up further stories with the ending of the Universe Survival arc.
  • Keep watching until the very end of the last episode. Apparently, there’ll be something special.

Takami Nakamura revealed there’s something very special coming at the end of Dragon Ball Super Episode 131. This possibly could be a teaser/trailer or be beginning of a Dragon Ball Super’s New Arc After Universal Arc, a new ARC/story in Dragon Ball Franchise. As Episode 131 “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again!!” is going to air on March 25th.

Dragon ball super episode 131

“Son Goku has fallen from the arena. It seems like Universe 7 has lost, and everyone will be annihilated, but… Having broken through his limits, Goku and Jiren, stare at the Omni-Kings, as if the match isn’t over yet. And then, a Death Beam hits Jiren’s back. A bruised and battered Universe 7 team member is standing there!.”

Stay tuned for more information on this, we will update it as soon as we get our hands on the update.


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