When Dragon Ball Super Will End – Explained

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super has been doing really very well ever since it came out. The fans of the Dragon Ball franchise have been very positive about the new series. Currently Dragon Ball Super is airing the Universal Survival arc. We are almost at the conclusion of the arc.

There was no episode last week but we will finally get the episode in which Jiren and Vegeta fight each other. We know how the fight will end but that is a discussion for another time. Today I am going to be focused on Dragon Ball Super in general.  A big question regarding the series always comes up every now and then, with the question being, “When will Dragon Ball Super really end?” Now, this is really an interesting question. Originally It was supposed to last for a total of 100 episodes. The team behind the series had only received the budget for a total of hundred episodes. However, due to the success of the series, they got an increase in their budget. It’s all down to the popularity amongst the fans and Dragon Ball Super has been top quality stuff which the fans love. Their popularity has increased their budget so Dragon Ball Super was able to carry on after the hundred episodes. I must admit that the series hasn’t disappointed after the first hundred episodes. We have seen some outstanding animation.

There have been some tremendous fights in the series so far. The most popular among these would be Jiren vs Son Goku. It was a really great fight. The thing that excited the fans the most was Goku’s new transformation, which is the Ultra Instinct. Dragon Ball Super has been providing a real treat to the fans.

Dragon Ball Super has pretty high ratings and I can see it increasing even further. There is a decent chance that Dragon Ball Super will become the longest series in the Dragon Ball franchise. I can see Dragon Ball Super crossing the 300 episode mark. There a few things that the creators of the series can work in order make it even better. For once, I’d like them to treat Vegeta like a proper character.

I’m really annoyed with his treatment. Also, I’d like to point that the Tournament of Power is rushing too quickly towards its end. Just a few episodes back there were more than four episodes competing in the Tournament of Power. But we are just left with two universes. I’m not saying that it is a bad thing, however, I do feel that it is a bit rushed.


4 New Photos Are Out But [SPOILER] Is Still Missing

Hey guys. For the last few days, we have been getting preview images for Dragon Ball Super Episode 122. As we know that there was no episode during the last week. This is very old news as we had already received the news that Vegeta’s cool episode will be airing on 7th January. The focus of the episode was supposed to be Vegeta facing Jiren. However, Vegeta vs Jiren isn’t the only fight that will take place in the episode. Gohan is going to fight Toppo and Freeza is going to battle Dyspo. However, the photos from a few days earlier have caused a massive outrage among the fans. This was the photo which started the whole speculation-

As you can see in the there is a new God of Destruction sitting with the Universe 7. As of now, we have seen the Gods of Destruction of their universes sitting with their own teams. However, in this photo, you can clearly see that Arak is sitting with Universe 7. It makes you wonder where Beerus could possibly be. We know that Beerus can slack off at times but this is the most crucial time for the teams left in the Tournament of Power. So, I don’t think Beerus left on his own.

Now I’d like you to take a look at this photo-

As you can see that Belmod is surprised as well. What could possibly be more surprising at this time than the disappearance of Beerus himself? There is another possibly behind the reaction and that would be Vegeta and Jiren battling it out. Vegeta landing a hit on Jiren is something that even Goku failed to do without Ultra Instinct. So it could be considered a positive and quite frankly it is the only positive that will come out for Vegeta as he ended up getting used again in order for Goku to get his strength back. I’m sorry Vegeta fans, that is what is going to happen.

Also, according to the translations, Vegeta goes down without even putting up a fight. The pride of the Saiyan Prince has been crushed again. We had initially expected that Vegeta might have used Ultra Instinct against Jiren. The whole thing turned out to be a total farce.
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