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Top 10s Fans Want To See In The Universal Survival Arc

Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 Goku and Gohan
Gohan and Goku - Dragon Ball Super

Today we will be listing 10 things Dragon Ball Super fans are eager to see in Universal Survival Arc. Let’s start without any further delay.

1. Less Goku

Super Saiyan God Goku after saving Hit from Dyspo’s attack

I know. It’s Dragon Ball. Even Toriyama himself couldn’t convince his editors to use less Goku. He of course is the main character of every single DB Series. But couldn’t we give it a rest? My favorite episode so far in the Universe Survival Arc of Dragon Ball Super is Episode 104, where Hit fights Dyspo. There was no Goku in this for half of the episode, and then Goku shows up, and by his seemingly endless supply of energy, finishes Hit’s fight for him. This is Hit everyone, the character Goku had to go into SSJB Kaioken to beat. A character perfectly capable of beating the likes of both Dyspo and Kunshi.

2. More of the Universe 7 Fighters


While Goku is all over the fighting rink taking on opponents every where, where is everybody else? Episodes seem to be set up as, here is the Gohan episode, here is the Krillin episode, here is the Roshi episode…See a pattern? The fighters are more spread out than I would have liked. Before people start getting knocked out again, I’d like more cooperation. Like what we saw between 18 and Krillin, or what Gohan and Piccolo were practicing while training.