Dragon Ball Super – Unexpected End of Tournament of Power

Hello Everyone. I hope you all are getting the news of Dragon Ball Super ending. That was rather unexpected, but logical too. So many things are there that will be left unexplained due to this sudden ‘Halt’. But One thing is for sure, the series will return as soon as it is possible and the situation after the end of Tournament of Power will be shown then.

Come to think of it, I did tell you that the ‘Limit Breaker’ Form of Goku is canceled. Well, that was right. Turns out Tournament of Power won’t end as it was expected to. Earlier it was expected that Goku would attain a new form called ‘Limit Breaker’ and then fight Big Daddy Jiren’s which will lead straight to Universe 7’s victory.

But things have become more complicated now that the whole idea of new form has been dropped and kept for the future arc. Well, Goku and Vegeta won’t be able to do anything about the Overwhelming power of Big Daddy Jiren and it looks like Toppo will also get a power-up that’ll make him powerful than most of the Universe 7 fighters except Goku and Vegeta.

Thinking logically, the reason behind the sudden power-up will be the dropout of Universe 11’s Dyspo by the hands of the evilest guy on the Tournament of Power stage and that is Frieza. This drop out of Dyspo will feel like a very big form of Injustice to a true warrior and that will enrage the Justice Loving Toppo which will make him super powerful.

But as we know Frieza is a crafty guy, so he won’t dropout that easily and this will lead to the dropout of Gohan and Android 17. Moreover, it seems Vegeta will exhaust himself completely after using his new form for a little while against the most overpowered character of Dragon Ball Super i.e. Big Daddy Jiren and hence, he will be dropped out too.

Well, the only warriors left at the stage will be Goku and Frieza from Universe 7 and Jiren and Toppo from Universe 11. Before they even start a showdown, the time limit will run out which will mean the end of Tournament of Power.

This means that it’ll be a tie between Universe 7 and Universe 11. If you’re thinking that the time will be extended so that only one Universe will get to survive and they will be made to fight forcefully, then you’re wrong.

Since, the wish of both the Universe will be same that is to revive all the destroyed Universes and since both the Zenos enjoyed so much because of the Tournament, then it will be made so that a Universes will come back and it will be made a custom to hold a ‘Tournament of Power’ every now and then.

It’ll be just like a Budokai Tenkaichi but on a Universal Level. That’s how the Tournament of Power is supposed to end. That’s it for today. Thank you for reading my blog.  If you have any queries regarding my blog you can let me know on my Instagram here.



Hello everyone. Today, I’m writing to deliver a single bad news and a few good ones as well. The worst news that’s possible for this year is that Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end on March 25th with the final episode of the Tournament of Power arc.

How will it end? Well, I’ll write about that next time, but for now, you just need to know that Episode 131 will be the last of Dragon Ball Super. That’s the bad news. 

Now for the good news. Did I say that episode 131 will be the last of Dragon Ball Super? Well, technically that’s right, but that won’t be the end of the Dragon Ball Series. Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end but only its subbed or raw version.

The dubbed version will continue till it reaches episode 131. Till then, Akira Toriyama and the party will be working on a movie that will show the origin of the warrior race i.e. Saiyans and when the dubbed version catches up to the raw and subbed version, Dragon Ball Super will make a return.

Yes, you read it right. Dragon Ball Super will return next year. It is just taking a break so that people who like to watch anime as a whole could start watching and the dubbed version could catch up to the raw one. If you are thinking why they’re doing that, then I’ll answer that here as well.

That’s because people don’t have much patience when it comes to their favorite series. In order to be fully updated, most of the fans were watching the subbed version of Dragon Ball Super and the dubbed version wasn’t getting as many viewers as it was anticipated.

So it was decided that both the Japanese and English versions of Dragon Ball Super will run together in the next year. Well, on the brighter side, there will be a movie releasing at the end of this year that will show the origin of Saiyans. It means the movie will feature the long lost characters like King Vegeta, Bardock, Gine (Goku’s Mother), etc.

It’ll sure be fun to watch. Once the dubbed version catches up, the subbed version will be resumed and will come back with a continuation of the story after the Tournament has ended. It may feature Goku and Vegeta attaining new forms as well. Moreover, they will be training to master Ultra Instinct.

Anyways that’s all for today. I too was shocked when I heard about Dragon Ball Super ending so soon, but after …

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