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Dragon Ball Super Reveals How Much Control Toei Has Over Toriyama On DBS Anime

Hey guys. Each and everyone of us is getting really excited as the Tournament of Power is drawing to a close. But, there’s a thing that makes fans more excited than seeing new power ups or fights. This thing is…well it’s not a thing but it is actually the confirmation of a power or an incident being canon.

Fans love it when something Dragon Ball Super is officially confirmed as canon. Akira Toriyama’s iconic franchise has lots of parts so getting a confirmation is a really big deal. Whatever the anime shows, it is confirmed by Toriyama at some point. Recently, two executives with Dragon Ball Super traveled to Barcelona for an annual anime convention. Hiroyuki Sakurada and Kimitoshi Chioka talked with the fans about how the behind-the-scenes work at Toei Animation goes.

During this time, they also confirmed a major thing about the anime. The entire thing was translated on social media in which the producer and director were asked if Toei has the power to change Toriyama’s drafts. The creator came back to Dragon Ball just for its ongoing anime, and the artist has given its team episode drafts. The fans have always wondered how much does Toei Animation actually change the anime from Toriyama’s original work to make Dragon Ball Super more exciting for the fans.

However, the duo of the show’s executives laughed off the idea. “Does Toei have power to change Toriyama’s draft?” Both laugh “Basically not” They might make requests, but “you can’t tell God to change.” According to the two, Toei doesn’t have the power to change any of the things from Toriyama’s story.

The executives said the studio may “make [change] requests” but “you can’t tell God to change.” As it’s time to reach for the conclusion, we have now confirmed that Toriyama’s authority is supreme when it comes to the anime. That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed the post.


Dragon Ball Super Writer Speaks on Vegeta’s Comeback in Tournament of Power

Howdy everyone, What’s up? I got an amazing news, and it’s especially for all Vegeta fans out there; Yep, as the title says. The writer of Dragon Ball Super, Toshio recently tweeted on Vegeta’s comeback. It isn’t the first time someone commented on Vegeta’s comeback. Previously, the story writer of Dragon Ball Heroes said, “Vegeta has not gotten serious yet”

As we know, More than half of the Tournament of Power is already over, the time left is 21 minutes; The last one standing will get his/her universe spared from being destroyed and get a chance to wish through the Super dragon balls. Most of the nuisance-causing warriors are already eliminated except for Ribrianne and few more warriors.

dragon ball super episode 114

Recently, Dragon Ball Super aired its 114th episode, featuring the Potara fusion between one berserk super Saiyan and a normal Saiyan which resulted in Kefla; Despite the fact that it’s Kale and Caulifla’s fusion, Kefla resembles more of Caulifla’ personality and overconfidence. Kefla also retains Caulifla’s overweening attitude.

And, it is also confirmed that Goku will attain ‘Ultra Instinct’ again and soon in Dragon Ball Super (Episode 116). However, his eyes will start turning silver in Episode 115; As it is revealed in the latest synopsis by Dragon Ball Super’s staff.

Now, let’s head back to Toshio’s tweet on ‘Bringing Vegeta back’

Image result for vegeta ultra instinct

Toshio said, “I finished writing a Cool Vegeta; Ok, let’s sleep” And it generally takes 3-4 months animating the paperwork into screen work. Or, the story into animation. So we might see Vegeta’s comeback in January or February (Maximum to maximum). So, what kind of comeback are we really going to see? A mastered Super Saiyan Blue? Ultra Instinct? Or, A new form?

As we all know, that Toppo has a form/Ki (which was shown in the manga) taught by Vermouth (The god of destruction of their Universe) as Toppo is the God of Destruction candidate for Universe 11. And, that’s why we should not underestimate him.

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