Dragon Ball Super lately has revealed a name for Vegeta’s new transformation.

A form that advances beyond the regular SSJ Blue, the form looks quite similar to it. The hair, the eyes, and the aura represent a more extreme blue color associated with the usual Super Saiyan Blue.

This form was first obtained by Vegeta during the Tournament of Power, thinking back his promise to restore Cabba and Universe 6.

DBS came out with its newest episode, and we saw Vegeta eliminating Toppo. Toppo was relaxing in the power of the Gods, and he believed nothing can beat him. Toppo overlooks that power merely will not guarantee a victory and that Vegeta just has to knock him off the arena.

Vegeta had to use every part of his latest Super Saiyan Blue power-up next to Toppo, and it was Piccolo who attempted to give a name to this new transformation.

Piccolo named the power-up “Super Saiyan Blue and beyond that.” Clearly, the name does not flow or even seem like a fitting title. Piccolo’s address sounds pretty dim actually, but its translation has got some fans.

Super Saiyan Beyond Blue and Beyond Super Saiyan Blue has become accepted among the community. Many fans seem to prefer Super Vegeta Blue because this form looks very comparable to Super Vegeta’s initial transformation.
Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

This is the first SSJ transformation that’s strong enough to overpower and overcome a God of Destruction or a candidate of God of Destruction.

Jiren continues fighting for Universe 11, and the Tournament of Power counts down to its concluding four minutes.

Everything is starting to get rather intense in Tournament of Power, with merely two universes left. Only Frieza, Goku, Android 17, Vegeta and Jiren survive, though; all the Universe 7 warriors are exhausted, with Jiren still fresh and his true power yet to be seen.


The Strongest Warrior, Jiren’s Real Ki Just Got Revealed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 aired today, and we have a lot of new information on our hands. Today’s episode focused mainly on Toppo, and his fight against Vegeta. Before I do into detail about episode 126 and episode 127, I want to let you know that this post contains severe spoilers.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, I suggest you avoid the spoilers, watch the episode and then continue reading. However, if you don’t mind being spoiled, then let’s continue. Vegeta’s fight against Toppo was one of the best fights we’ve seen in a while. Last week, Toppo pummeled Freeza. This week, at least someone fought back. Not only that, Vegeta managed to overwhelm Toppo, and beat him as well. Thanks to the power of Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta was able to use Self Destruct without sacrificing his body in the process.

With Toppo’s elimination, Jiren is the only character from Universe 7 who remains in the Tournament of Power. On paper, a 4 vs 1 might look bad, but Jiren is a capable warrior. He is very powerful, and he is definitely strong enough to take on everyone left in the Tournament of Power. In the preview, we did get a sneak peek at his hidden power.

His powers have been teased in Episode 123, when he released a red aura that surrounded his body. It was said earlier that Jiren had finally begun to show what his true power was really like. But that was just a glimpse of the real thing. Jiren will finally unleash his power in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. His aura look like a huge fire, and it surrounds his entire body. In fact, the amount of Ki that Jiren released is far too greater than expected.

His red, fiery aura looks a lot like Super Saiyan God Goku’s red aura, only it is more wild, and far greater. It may be a hint that Jiren can use Godly Ki, but that’s just speculation on my part.

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