Hey guys. I have some rather interesting news about one of the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super. Till now we have been getting the new episodes of Dragon Ball Super every Sunday. However, it looks that things are about to change. A very piquant observation from one of the biggest social network accounts of Dragon Ball has pointed out that this schedule might be about to change.

You might be familiar with the name of Todd Blankenship on twitter. He is one of the most reliable sources for Dragon Ball. It is because of his work that we are able to get news that we might not have been to get otherwise. Anyway moving on, @Herms98 pointed out that there is a chance that the release date for the future episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

Here is what @Herms98 said in his tweets-
“So Animedia says DBS ep.126 will air February 4th, the traditional Sunday morning (in Japan) time slot, while Animage says Wednesday, February 7th. While odds are the Animage listing is simply a typo, theoretically it’s not impossible that they might change Super’s time slot.” – @Herms98

“Again, since Animedia gives a usual Sunday date I’d say there’s a 99.9983% chance that Animage’s Wednesday date is just a typo, but I suppose crazier things have happened.” – @Herms98

As you can see from the above tweets that it is most likely a typo but then you can’t count out the possibility that Dragon Ball Super will be changing its schedule.

If the schedule does change, it will be beneficial for One Piece, because Dragon Ball Super and One Piece are both released on the same day. Fans who follow both One Piece and Dragon Ball Super will be able to enjoy the series better cause both the anime getting released on the same day makes it more hectic. Well, that’s just my personal opinion and some of you might not agree with it.

Another good thing that would be beneficial for all the anime fans will be that the good quality anime will be spread nicely over the week. One Piece on Sunday and Dragon Ball Super on Wednesday along with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It would make the entire week fun and save us from all the dullness. However, as I see it the schedule will remain the same and One Piece and Dragon Ball Super will be coming out on the same time. That’s it from me.

Credits for the information goes to @Herms98 and Animedia.


DBS Just Had A Major Throw Back From Dragon Ball Z

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super is moving towards to the finale of the Tournament of Power. The Tournament of Power seems to have been going on for quite some time now. But now we are down to the final two universes in the Tournament of Power. Dragon Ball Super 122 attracted a lot of attention from the fans as this was the episode in which Vegeta and Jiren fought each other.

Vegeta arguably had his best moment in the Tournament of Power. The Saiyan Prince had challenged Jiren after Universe 3’s elimination. Jiren mocked Vegeta’s pride and Vegeta wasn’t going to let it pass. Despite losing the battle, Vegeta had a great moment of his own.

However, the keen-eyed fans found something that resembles something from the good ol’ Dragon Ball Z. It was actually a Yamaha moment from Dragon Ball Z. It was pointed out on Twitter by the user @SilentTakedown. Thanks to the efforts of the user, Vegeta was humiliated even further. Here is the tweet—
who wore it better
pic.twitter.com/jhYajAciAX— Crushed (@silenttakedown)January 7, 2018
If you don’t remember this Yamcha moment, then allow me to help you out. In this photo, was killed. It was during the first invasion of Nappa and Vegeta. Yamcha was killed by the Saibaman. Nonetheless it admirable to see that Vegeta was able to land a few hits.

However, the fight ended as we all had expected. Vegeta tried his best against Jiren, but at the end of the episode, all the efforts seemed to be vain. Just at the end of the episode, Vegeta was left in a giant crater. So, the reference is a jab at Vegeta. Vegeta was left in a large crater after Jiren trapped him in an explosive ball of energy. Yamcha’s death actually proved to be vital to the Saiyan arc. The Saibaman had to blow itself up along with Yamcha. The same holds true in terms of Vegeta vs Jiren.
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