The end of the anime is approaching, but we can still relish this anticipation brought by the hype of Goku and Jiren’s fight. Even though the anime is ending, there is still the ongoing manga to keep ourselves busy while waiting for the 20th Dragon Ball movie. The biggest news today is the revelation of new movie details. After the movie, it is certain that there will be another season for Dragon Ball Super. And with that, Frieza’s one day on Earth might be extended in the next arcs.

Frieza’s one day on the living plane might actually get an extension when he will have something to do with the next arc. The coming movie is regarded as the next arc after the Universal Survival arc, and according to Tori-Bot, Frieza might play a role in the movie. Tori-bot is a popular bot that depicts Akira Toriyama and it recently appeared on the official website of the Dragon Ball Super movie.

It seems like when Toriyama likes to build up drama and suspense, Frieza is the perfect candidate to mix up with the story that involves a lot of screaming Saiyans. It is safe to say that Frieza appeared in almost all the longest arcs of Dragon Ball. His extension in Dragon Ball Super will depend on how the end of the anime will turn out. Seems like he has a bright future because of all the spoilers that we know.

Universe 6′ survival seem to be a great possibility at the end of the Tournament of Power. This could mean that Frieza could meet the man that he betrayed once again. Frost will surely have every reason to rampage against Frieza if he got the chance. That might be a part of the next arc which might include Frieza. That would make things more interesting.


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