Hello Everyone. I’m really very sorry for the bad news, but it seems this one is true. Before the beginning of the Tournament of Power Arc, it was told that Goku will achieve a new form in this arc. Even the character designs were ready for it along with pictures and a trailer as well. But it turns out they will be used after the Tournament of Power arc is over.

Originally it was planned that Goku will reach a new form by surpassing his own limits. There was even a spoiler given in the “Zen Exhibition Match” that took place between Universe 7 and Universe 9.

Even after fighting with Universe 11’s God of Destruction Apprentice Toppo using Super Saiyan Blue with Kaioken x10, Goku tried to bring out a new power but was stopped by the Grand Priest. I remember Goku telling Toppo something like this: “Now I’ll show you what it means when I’ve surpassed my own limits”. But unfortunately, nothing ever came out.

Now a few changes were made to the plan in the future and a new technique called Ultra Instinct was developed. Well, that was bound to happen but it was planned that Goku would use a new Limit Breaker form to beat Universe 11’s Jiren.

Goku was able to gain a new technique, but not a new form. It is because Vegeta hadn’t gained any form since Super Saiyan God Blue. So it was made that Goku would first try to master Ultra Instinct in the next arc and then use Kaioken along with it to attain the Limit Breaker form while Vegeta will try to perfect his new Super Saiyan Blue form that he will attain in the Tournament of Power.

Well let me make one thing Clear, Vegeta won’t be able to defeat Jiren even with his new form and the Tournament of Power will see an unexpected end in the absence of the Limit Breaker Form.

Anyways, That’s all for today, Thanks for reading. Just so you guys know, the blog is according to what I think, there’s no official confirmation of anything. If you have any queries regarding my blog you can let me know on my Instagram here.


Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, which is going to air a couple of hours later. Before I begin, I want to let you all know that this post will contain spoilers. If you don’t want to read any spoilers regarding tomorrow’s episode, I suggest you stop reading here.

However, if you don’t mind being spoiled, then let’s begin. Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 saw Vegeta getting a new form, and he, along with Goku, began the attack against Jiren. They’re going to work together and try to put Jiren off. However, that won’t be happening because Jiren will power up even further. Thanks to the official Twitter account of Dragon Ball Super, we now have a new set of photos for tomorrow’s episode.

We have a photo of Goku and Vegeta trying to fight against Jiren side by side. I’ve already discussed what’s going to happen to them, so I don’t need to go into any details here. From the preview images, it looks like the next episode is going to be focused on Freeza, Gohan and Dyspo. We might even see an elimination or two in the episode, so it’s interesting to see which way it’ll go.

Freeza’s fight against Dyspo will continue, and Gohan will back him up. Further, Gohan will clash with Dyspo as well. This is where things look really weird. It looks like Freeza is going to offer his services to Dyspo and Universe 11. According to spoilers that were released a week or so ago, Freeza will do this on the condition that Universe 11 use the Super Dragon Balls to bring him back to life. In return, Freeza would help them eliminate Universe 7 and win the Tournament of Power.

I think Freeza might even attack Gohan in the next episode in order to prove a point to Dyspo. Obviously, Dyspo will refuse the offer. He is a member of the Pride Troopers, and there is no way he’ll fall so low. We also see Dyspo powering up, and Gohan fighting him seriously. There’s a big chance that either Gohan, or Dyspo, or maybe both of them will be eliminated in Dragon Ball Super Episode 124.

To me, it looks likely that Gohan will be eliminated. There is no talk of Dyspo in Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 spoilers. So maybe he’ll be eliminated as well. We know for a fact that Freeza won’t be eliminated, since he’s mentioned in …

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