Hey guys. Jiren is the strongest fighter in the Tournament of Power. Ever since his fight with Goku, Jiren has been the talk of the town. Despite getting a power-up, Goku couldn’t beat the monster. Jiren has looked unbeatable so far. In latest DBS episode, we witnessed the strength of Jiren once again.

If you are one of those people, who have already read the spoilers, then you would have known the outcome of Jiren vs Vegeta. But, I would like to thank the creators for putting in a badass Vegeta moment. I had not expected Vegeta to defeat Jiren but fighting on almost equal terms would have been nice. Well, the Tournament of Power is far from over. So, Vegeta will get another shot at fighting Jiren. The biggest mystery about Jiren is his power. We have had several theories about Jiren’s power.

But now we have finally had a concrete answer. The real reason is that Jiren always surpasses his opponents. Jiren has fought many battles as a member of the Pride Troopers. Over the years, Jiren must have fought some tremendously powerful opponents. Slowly, and steadily he must have grown in power. Until he must have finally reached the level of God of Destruction. It will be the same case as Goku. Goku always ends up surpassing his enemies because of his potential to improve. The same holds true for Jiren.

Also if you have watched today’s episode, you will know that Jiren has a motive in order to get stronger. He wants to grow stronger in order to protect the weak and the innocent. I find it absolutely fascinating that a person as powerful as Jiren can be so humble so as to protect the weak. I really like Jiren as a character. I hope that Jiren remains a character even after the Tournament of Power. Akira Toriyama has already forgotten so many characters from the previous series, and I hope that it doesn’t happen to Jiren.

We will soon be getting more information about Jiren’s history and I am really looking forward to seeing what made Jiren the way he is. We just have eight more minutes remaining in the Tournament of Power and it looks highly unlikely that Jiren will be eliminated. Toppo will also be powering up in the upcoming episodes and he will be showing us what a God of Destruction can do.

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