In the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super Episode 115, we saw an outstanding battle of Saiyans Goku Vs. Kefla. During the fight Goku Vs. Kefla Grand Priest stated that Potara Fusion is allowed.     

Why Zeno-Sama allowed Potara Earrings?

I think the best answer to this would be that anything that Zeno finds amusing or entertaining can be considered safe. Even though Roshi used the bottles and Krillin used the sunglasses and the shoe, Zeno was likely entertained by the same, and he didn’t have any issue with it.

Not once does he mention that Fusion is illegal but he does say items are not legal which puts the Potara earrings in this weird grey area of rules, however in one of the episodes of Dragon Ball Super where Master Roshi used the Mafuba Jar to seal Frost and Zeno is okay with it. It’s slowly mentioned that Zeno was okay with this because he only thought it looked cool.

Zeno’s enjoyment replaces the rules in place, Potara earrings will be okay since will only be assumed as “cool.”

However, items that are not harmful by themselves such as the bottle Roshi uses as part of the Evil Containment Wave were allowed by the Zeno-Sama, though it is assumed that was because they thought the technique was cool.

Potara Earrings are allowed as well thus Potara fusion is permitted, and the items are not dangerous weapons that can directly harm an opponent.


One Universe Is Hiding A Triple-Fusion Warrior Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Beerus accuses Champa of cheating, and the Universe 6 god tells Beerus he can do the same thing. Zeno’s enjoyment replaces the rules in place, Potara earrings will be okay since will only be assumed as “cool.” Then Grand Priest says fusions are allowed.

Beerus freaks out and removes the Supreme Kai’s Potara earrings from him. The Kai of Universe 3 and Universe 4 say their fighters do not need the Potara earrings.

Why Don’t Universe 3 Fighters need the Potara Earrings?

Can they Fuse without potara earrings?

Universe 3 fighters are as strange as Jiren in a sense that we do not have any idea what they are competent of. If they appear on the screen, they either make a brief appearance to get knocked out or just to replace their existence in the tournament.

The Universe 3 is famous for being very intellectually advanced.

Majority of Universe 3 fighters are cyborgs, mechanical beings that are a lot complex than Universe 7’s Androids. While Android 17 and Android 18 were once humans that are heightened by technological modifications, the majority of Universe 3 fighters are cyborgs.

All Universe 3 members have artificial modifications; They are specially designed/created for the tournament. We know by promotional material that Paparoni controls all robots, and Katpesra doesn’t look like Weak to me, so I think they’ll be somewhat convincing. And there’s also the Megazord theory.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115

The Megazord Theory

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