Dragon Ball Super 118 just finished airing in Japan and it was so intense a lot happened, however we will be talking about Vegeta in this post and you might not like it, spoilers ahead so read at your own risk.

Dragon Ball Super 119 is titled “New Casualty from Universe 7! True ability of Universe 4” and according to the summary of Dragon Ball Super 119, someone from universe 7 will get eliminated. Till now we didn’t know who it was but today’s episode cleared many things and one of those thing was elimination.

Since the start of Dragon Ball Super, Goku has always been one step ahead of prince of all saiyans and it was kind of unfair for Vegeta that he never got the spotlight, in tournament of power Goku unlocked Miggate No Gokui technique, also known as Ultra Instinct technique and that technique alone made Goku so overpowered that he was able to compete with the strongest warrior Jiren.

Ultra Instinct technique was the reason why Goku was able to beat Kefla otherwise he had no chance of beating Super Saiyan 2 Kefla, right after we saw Vegeta trying to unlock Ultra Instinct technique but which he failed terribly when Katopesla attacked Vegeta and he was not able to dodge even a single punch. That was honestly very shameful for Vegeta and Vegeta fans, including me.

At the end of latest dragon ball super episode 118, we saw Vegeta and Katopesla and their battle was about to continue and the episode ended and now here is when the main spoilers comes in, preview for Dragon Ball Super 119 made few things very clear.

One of that is Universe 7 is in big trouble and Universe 4’s warriors are completely overwhelming whole Universe 7 with their power as they are unable to detect the invisible warriors.

The invisible warriors are literally throwing everyone around, Android 18, Gohan, Piccolo and Vegeta. From that what we saw is, Vegeta is being thrown out of Tournament of Power stage and the preview ends for DBS 119.

Honestly things are not looking good for Vegeta since the beginning of Tournament of Power but Dragon Ball Super writer Toshio did say one thing, he wrote an awesome episode for Vegeta, the episode still did not air in Japan yet that means we have hope left for Vegeta but if not then Vegeta gets eliminated in next Dragon Ball Super episode. Stay tuned for more news, we will be updating it in shortly.


DBS 119 Spoilers Confirm The Fate Of A Fan-Favourite Character

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about Dragon Ball Super 119 spoilers, and a couple of things related to the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. Before I go any further, I wanna let you guys know that I will be talking about spoilers here, so if you’re not okay with that, It is best if you stop reading. However, if you do not mind reading spoilers for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super, you’re gonna like this.

With that out of the way, let’s get straight to the topic now. The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 was focused on Universe 2’s fight against Son Goku, and Universe 6’s fight against Gohan and Piccolo. There was some intense stuff going on in there, and the writers for DBS have already teased it to be one of the most intense episodes in the Tournament of Power so far.

According to spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 118, we know that Universe 6 will definitely be getting erased. That’s not all. Universe 2 is also walking a thin line, and they might go with Universe 6 as well. That certainly does go along with the title of the next episodes, which says “Vanishing Universes”. Now, as Universe 6’s last remaining warriors, Saoneru and Pirina are going to do everything in their power to stop Gohan and Piccolo.

They certainly do look like they are strong, and by the looks of it, they will definitely give Piccolo a very hard time. From the preview, it looked like they got Piccolo, and many feared that Piccolo too, will be eliminated in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. Some even feared for his death.

But, that’s certainly not going to happen. The preview image for Episode 119

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  1. What I just don’t understand is why hit never spoke a single word since the episode where he got eliminated by jiren. Most other important characters whether fighters or viewers speak almost every episode. Even when the universe six was getting erased, they just showed a shot of hit vanishing and he never spoke. He never got a necessary goodbye. Of course it’s not the end of him and he will come back sometime later with dragonballs or maybe Zeno Sama will reveal that he never really erased anybody or whatever but come on. Doesn’t that look suspicious at all. He had episodes dedicated to himself and that guy never even got screen time more than a single shot Before being erased? I would say FISHYYYYYYY


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