Hey guys! I’m sure nearly everyone watched Dragon Ball Super Episode 123, and it was an enjoyable episode. I liked it a lot, and to me, it seemed like we made good progress in today’s episode. We saw Gohan was fighting against Toppo, and he was helped by 17 as well. They nearly knocked out Toppo, but Gohan hesitated. Freeza seemed unaffected by Dyspo’s weak attacks, and that was to be expected really.

Freeza isn’t even using a fraction of his real strength. In the next episode, I believe he’ll be going Golden. That aside, the most interesting part of today’s episode was Goku’s fight against Jiren. They’ve already fought before, so everyone knew what to expect from them today. As expected, Goku didn’t try to overpower Jiren like last time, because he knew that it would be pointless.

Instead, he went for a strategic elimination. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Vegeta powered up to the absolute pinnacle of his abilities as well. As stated by the Daishinkan, he had broken his shell and managed to gain a power beyond that of Super Saiyan Blue. An interesting thing that happened in today’s episode was during Goku’s fight against Jiren.

Jiren’s astonishing punching power was revealed in this episode, and to me it seems like they took inspiration from One Punch Man here. We all know how powerful Saitama’s punches are. When Jiren launched a single punch, it was able to strike fear in Goku, and he even powered down to his base form. Everyone thought that it was some kind of attack, but it wasn’t.

Turns out, this was just a normal punch of Jiren. It didn’t damage in a similar way to Saitama’s punches. I think that was a good reference, and certainly not something to be mad about. The writers for Dragon Ball Super are taking ideas from not only the Dragon Ball Z series, and the movies, but also from other anime. I think it was a nice touch. I’m sure we’ll have similar moments to come in the upcoming episodes Dragon Ball Super as well.

Right now, we’ll be focusing on the fights of Toppo, and Dyspo a lot more than before. Meanwhile, we’ll get glimpses of Vegeta and Goku’s fight as well. The time remaining in the Tournament of Power is 7 minutes, and within 7 – 10 episodes, I think it’ll be wrapped up. We’ll finally get to see who wins, and there is a lot of other stuff I’m sure we’ll be shocked to see along the way. That’s it from me. I’ll see you guys soon.


After Latest DBS Episode, It’s Clear That One Warrior Can Defeat Jiren

Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 aired today, and I think it was one of the best episodes that we’ve had so far. The episode was packed with action from start to finish, with Goku being at the center of it all. Before I begin discussing this post, I want you guys to know that it contains spoilers from Episode 123, and potential spoilers from the remaining part of the Tournament of Power.

If you haven’t watched the episode already, please do so. Now that you’ve watched it, let’s continue. Jiren’s unbelievable powers were once again displayed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 123. As most people expected, he was not at full power when Goku fought him before, or in the previous episode as well.

Only after being outmaneuvered by Goku, he powered up, and according to Belmod, he began to show what his full power was like. I’m sure that Jiren has got a lot more in store that what we saw in Episode 123, but there was something interesting that caught my eye. When Goku used SSBKkx20, and then Vegeta went past his limits with his blue form, Jiren was actually pushed back, and he couldn’t keep up with the two of them together.

This was very interesting to me, because it means that they’re close to Jiren when they fight together with every ounce of energy that they have. But what if they were to fuse? If we see Vegetto Blue at this point, then I’m sure Jiren will be defeated. With the new Super Saiyan Blue form of Vegeta, and Goku’s Kaio-ken, Jiren can surely be defeated by Vegetto.

It looks that’s the best way for Universe 7 to deal with Jiren. Sure, Jiren is very powerful. But, can he handle Vegetto Blue?

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