Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Dragon Ball Super Episode 126, and why it is going to be huge for the series. As you all know, the Tournament of Power is in its final stages now. We don’t have many fighters left, and the time remaining is just 8 minutes. I think everything is going to be wrapped up within 10 episodes, and that’s it.

However, before we are done with the Tournament of Power, we are going to see some of the most amazing fights, and you could say that the best of the Tournament of Power is yet to come. The next couple of episodes will be huge for Dragon Ball Super, particularly the next episode, and Episode 126. The next episode of Dragon Ball Super is going to be focused on Vegeta’s new power, and he will be fighting against Jiren along with Goku.

In Episode 124, we will have an interesting fight between Toppo and Universe 7’s Gohan and Android 17. Episode 125 looks to be focused on Toppo, and we will probably see glimpses of Jiren, Goku, and Vegeta all through these two episodes. However, it isn’t until episode 126 that the focus actually shifts to them. The title of Episode 126 reads, “Surpassing Even The Gods! Vegeta’s Life Risking Blow!”. I think the episode will be huge for Vegeta, as suggested.

Now, we don’t really have any spoilers for this episode, but there something that I think will interest some of you. We already know the staff that is handling Dragon Ball Super Episode 126, and it looks like there is a surprise inclusion there. It looks like Tadayoshi Yamamuro is storyboarding Dragon Ball Super Episode 126, alongside Yoshitaka Yashima.

Tadayoshi Yamamuro has worked on a lot of Dragon Ball movies, including Battle of Gods, and Resurrection F. I’m certain that he is going to be working on the upcoming Saiyan movie as well. So, as you can see, he works on stuff that is really huge. You won’t see him storyboarding a Dragon Ball Super episode usually. That’s not to say that he hasn’t worked on Super. He was the animation supervisor for Episode 13 of Dragon Ball Super. Since then, he has worked on the anime, but it hasn’t been credited at all.

This is what’s surprising me, to be honest. The fact that Yamamuro himself is there to storyboard Episode 126 means something huge is going to happen. As we know, Episode 126 is going to be about Vegeta, so i think he was specifically brought back for the new form of Vegeta, which if true, would mean an epic episode of Dragon Ball Super is on its way. What do you think about Yamamuro being included in the staff for Episode 126 of Dragon Ball Super?


New Theory Explains Why Jiren Wants The Super Dragon Balls

Jiren has been arguably the best character we’ve seen in Dragon Ball Super since long. He is a member of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11 who are also one of the Universes taking part in the Tournament of Power. Because Universe 11 needed to win this to endure their survival, Belmod decided to include him for the team.

At first, he wasn’t even interested in saving his own Universe. According to him, if the Universe was to get destroyed, then it was their fate. In fact, one of the main reasons why he didn’t want to take part in the Tournament of Power was because he didn’t want to take any part in erasing any other Universe. So in order to get him to join the team for the Tournament of Power, Belmod told him about the Super Dragon Balls.

According to Belmod, Jiren has a wish that he wants to be fulfilled at any cost. Even if it means going against his principles, he would consider it. So, ever since this was revealed in the Dragon Ball Super manga, fans have been speculating what it is that Jiren could want. There are a lot of good Fan-theories on the internet which explain why Jiren wants the Super Dragon Balls, but I recently came across one that I think is very interesting. The theory explains that Jiren doesn’t seek power, or Immortality.

He doesn’t even want to rule everything. Rather, he wants to be weak. Yes, you read that right. Now I know this may sound bizarre, but hear me out. Jiren’s power is greater than Belmod, the GoD of Universe 11. He has the greatest responsibility in the entire Universe. Plus, he has a strong sense of Justice. Even if he didn’t want to, he would end up saving everyone anyway.

The theory goes on to explain that Jiren created the Pride Troopers. He defeated evil people, reformed them under his own guidance. He found a friend in Toppo who was strong enough to lead them as well.

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