Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Bruised Warrior Saves U7


Dragon Ball Super’s down with just more two more episode. Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 is going to be the finale of Dragon Ball Super series with the title ” A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until we meet Again!!”, Today Dragon Ball Super town was hit with the newest spoilers which revealed what will be happening in Dragon Ball Super Episode 131.

Before we head to the newest spoilers, I would like to remind you of spoilers what we got last week about Universe 7 Android 17.Majority of the fans believe that Android 17 will never be revived in the series again, at least not before the end of Super. When Universe 7 wins, they can revive Android 17. Since Android 17 attracted a lot of new fans during his stay in the tournament, there is no way Toei won’t bring him back right?

According to twitter post of the Todd Blakenship showing his translation of Dragon Ball Super spoilers, and As per this spoiler, Android 17 might still be alive and is somewhere in the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130


According to the translation, to some spoiler reports most interesting part of the translation is when one of the sub-headlines mentioned Android 17. “Climax to the Tournament of Power!! Universe 7 (Son Goku, Freeza, Android No. 17) VS Universe 11 (Jiren)”. It is possible that Android 17 might still be alive because he is still under Universe 7.


The most recent spoilers that struck Dragon Ball Super community are more astonishing and mind-boggling.If you hate spoiler its time to back out.These spoilers are said to be 95% sure.

Translation of above post of the Todd Blakenship reveals that Goku is out of the ring and Universe 7 is about to lose until the bruised warrior appears and saves Universe 7.

If Android 17 is really alive, then this is a good news for Universe 7. If Goku fails to defeat Jiren, Universe 7 can still win the number of participants. It might be a little impossible, but you should know right now that everything is possible in Dragon Ball.Although this bruised warrior is Frieza, who was missing in action for a long time.again referring to second most recent spoiler we see magazine revealing that Android 17 was wiped out while saving Goku and Vegeta.

Translation by Todd Blakenship unveiled that Frieza is still in the Tournament of Power. But he’s not likely scheming something, because according to the translation, Frieza was rendered unable to fight. It is even very unlikely that Frieza is currently watching the fight. This revelation is enough to go with the recent spoiler about a bruised warrior saving Universe 7.


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