There are only a few hours left before we got to see the start of the biggest clash in the history. The fight will start with Ultra Instinct Omen Goku and Jiren taking each other’s blows with equal might. But as seen in the preview, Jiren will take the advantage later on, leaving the Universe 7 Saiyan forced to push his limit once again. Goku will soon power-up with his Mastered Ultra Instinct. This is our first look at the anime Mastered Ultra Instinct.

There are also new preview images on Goku and Jiren’s fight. More importantly, Goku’s Ultra Instinct Omen seems to have a stronger aura and exerts more pressure on his opponent than the last two transformations. It seems like Omen gets stronger and stronger whenever Goku managed to tap into it.

It is also noticeable that Jiren’s clothing is not clean anymore, regardless the damage Android 17 made earlier. Since the beginning, we have seen Jiren’s clothes to be untouchable just like him.  Finally, it seems like Jiren sustained some injuries during his fight against UI-Omen Goku. Can we expect to see Goku beat Jiren up in the next episode?

It is also seen that Ultra Instinct Omen Goku is not vulnerable. Someone with an awesome speed and power can nullify Goku’s high evasive rate. In case of Kefla, it was the limited stamina that made Goku’s UI a handicap. Because of his limited stamina, he needs to charge a Kamehameha while unconsciously dodging Kefla’s attacks. Ultimately, he succeeded in defeating Kefla, which eliminated Kale and Caulifla at the same time. The “Ultra Instinct Kamehameha” was one of Goku’s most effective attack and he will try it again with Jiren.

And as expected for every fight, the spectator’s seat will have some moments shared in. Dragon Ball Super episode 129 preview includes a picture of Vados, Krillin and Tien Shinhan with a considerably better graphics than before. They are, as usual, shocked at what is happening in the Tournament Arena. For some reason, there are debris right behind them. Goku and Jiren’s fight is disturbing even those who are on the bench.


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