There would be a good news and a bad news for Goku fans these upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super. The good news would be: Goku will finally fight against Jiren and he will also show us our favorite technique from Dragon Ball Z, the Genki Dama. But like the other times that Goku tried to use the Genki Dama, it will also fail against Jiren. Goku just can’t seem to manage to make the Genki Dama finish his enemy.

Spoilers state that Jiren deflected it and it went boom, gone. But the fact that he DEFLECTED it, not avoided it whatsoever shows that Jiren’s power is HUGE. It is possible that Goku poured all his energy in that Spirit Bomb. In addition, the Spirit Bomb is not a simple Ki Blast, in which a small amount of it could still make a decent damage.

In addition, even Goku’s new form is no match for Jiren. Seeing Jiren as a threat to the survival of ALL the remaining universes excluding Universe 11, Hit will take Goku’s place on the battlefield. In episode 111, Hit will show his huge experience in the battle.

According to the spoilers, Goku will not be ready to fight because he will lose a helluva lot of his stamina from making that Genki Dama. He will likely go to some secluded place and take a rest. Hit will then let Jiren attack him to devise a strategy that can beat the Pride Trooper.. Now there is something interesting about Hit and Jiren which even overshadows Goku.

Hit’s time skip and Jiren’s advanced reading are torn in the same cloth. Both techniques are more effective when the enemy will be the first one to move. Jiren’s advanced movement reading will likely predict the muscle movements from Hit’s time skip which will make Hit’s attack ineffective. Jiren can just avoid the attack just like what he did to the katchin katchin blocks.

Jiren vs Hit Dbs episode 109

This is why Hit doesn’t really have any chance of winning against Jiren. HIs time skip will not work at all. He will be taken into Vegeta treatment if he forced to use time skip against the Pride Trooper because Jiren can attack before he can use the time skip.

However, it doesn’t mean that Hit will let himself get eliminated that easy. One thing that makes Hit and Ganos from Universe 4 similar to each other is their inhuman growth. Each second of the battle will just make them stronger, given that they will be able to withstand the damages. It is like an instant Zenkai Boost for the Saiyans. We might see next episode who would be Goku’s real rival at the end of the Tournament of Power.



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