Dragon Ball Super‘s Tournament of Power has been going on for quite a while now, and now, we already have 4 Universes out of our way. In the recent episode, Universe 2, and Universe 6 were knocked out, and we had an emotional farewell to Champa and the rest of the Universe 6. With that, we only have 13 minutes left in the Tournament of Power, and it seems like it’ll wrap up in the next few months.

At this moment, it seems like the Tournament of Power will end somewhere in February, of March. However, we don’t know for sure. We do know that the month of December is going to be crucial for the Tournament of Power, as we will likely see erasure of further Universes. With that being said, here’s the schedule for the Tournament of Power that we have available as of now. Let’s see what’s coming our way:

December 03, 2017
Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 – Accelerating Drama: A Universe Disappears…!

Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super aired this week, and it was a huge one, that marked the Erasure of 2 Universes at once. Universe 2 was erased when the last three remaining members were eliminated by Goku. Meanwhile, Universe 6 was eliminated when Gohan and Piccolo eliminated Saonel and Pirina. It was definitely one of the biggest episodes in the Tournament of Power.

December 10, 2017
Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 – A New Victim from Universe 7! The True Ability of Universe 4!!

Episode 119 is going to be a big one for Universe 4, and once again, Universe 7 looks to be the center of attention. Universe 4 warriors will close in on Universe 7, and reveal their true identity. It is also known that someone from Universe 7 will be eliminated. We don’t know who just yet. With more information to come soon, it will be clear who gets eliminated.

December 17, 2017
Dragon Ball Super Episode 120: No title yet

Episode 120 will likely follow Universe 7 and Universe 4’s battle. We don’t know what’s going to happen yet, but we’ll soon have some huge information coming our way regarding the Episode. Further, it is possible that Vegeta will be the center of attention in this episode since Toshio has teased him being “cool”, which it looks like is happening this month.

December 24, 2017
Dragon Ball Super Episode 121: No title yet

Episode 121 of Dragon Ball Super will be the last airing episode in December. Again, we don’t know what’s going to happen in this episode. But, we’ll get the spoilers for Episode 121 of Dragon Ball Super very soon. It is likely to be one of the episodes where Vegeta takes the center stage. We don’t know for sure yet. Within a couple of days, we’ll find out what’s going to happen.

December 31, 2017, No Episode

Like I said, Episode 121 will be the last episode that we’ll get this month. Even though we’d usually get an episode on Sundays, December 31 being the day it was supposed to air means that holidays will push the episode a well back. We won’t get any further episodes, and Episode 122 of Dragon Ball Super will air in January. That’s all the information we have about Dragon Ball Super right now. Keep following us if you want to stay up to date with DBS.


The Top Ten Warriors Of Tournament Of Power Right Now (Updated After Episode 118)

The double elimination of Universe 2 and Universe 6 has left us with two entire sets of new characters erased. Because of their erasure, they were automatically placed in the purgatory of Dragon Ball series where characters survive for canonicity and screen time. While the remaining warriors in the tournament are trying to bring the Universe 7 down. Here are the top ten warriors that are still kicking in the Tournament of Power.

10. Katopesla

Katopesla has (somewhat) survived Frieza, the two androids, and Vegeta. If you put it in simple words, he is like the Universe 2’s version of Satan, but 300 times better and does have a suit. We haven’t seen his other modes yet, but it is really an advantage for Universe 3. And because of getting the spotlight for his universe, I put him on number ten.

9. Piccolo

Piccolo is very effective if he is with Gohan because their combinations work really well. But based on Piccolo’s performance, he is not that efficient when left alone. Same applies to Gohan when left alone, but because of Gohan’s natural potential, he will come on this list later than his master.

8. Dyspo

Ever since his loss to Goku and Hit, Dyspo has been out of commission. His last major appearance is when he and Toppo tried to stop Ultra Instinct Goku. This guy may not have the same screen time as Piccolo or Katopesla, it is worthy to note that he can fight against SSG Goku and Hit pretty well. If he only got something more notable except his speed.


7. Shantsa and Universe 4 Hidden Warriors

Shantsa is that blue guy with red circle blushes from the Universe 2. He supposedly has an illusion power. It can create illusions that even the wittiest characters such as Piccolo cannot escape. This is a great indication of his illusion power. And with the hidden warriors at U4’s disposal, they are the most dangerous trio of the Tournament of Power as of the moment.

6. Gohan

Gohan has shown that his Ultimate Form is now free from rust that he accumulated from his slack after all these years. But it doesn’t also mean that he has improved a lot like his father and Vegeta. It was shown that while he has become in shape again, he can’t still fight in great momentum compared to himself when he was training continuously.

5. Vegeta / Android 17 and Android 18

No new transformation, no new technique, but got a helluva lot of luck in this Tournament, Vegeta is in the half of the list. He can run for the MVP is he set his mind to it. In terms of combat prowess, he might be near Goku’s strength before UI. But he was nerfed for a long time now and his rankings dropped below those characters that have grown while battling in the Tournament.

The two androids are on the half of the list with Vegeta. While they can fight well on their own, they are more effective when fighting together. This makes them more of a unit together than a duo. They have the most amazing coordinated attacks after Kale and Caulifla.

4. Toppo

Toppo might not be the most popular among his folks, he is still one of the most powerful characters in Tournament of Power. He was able to fight against Vegeta and he also got the upperhand most of the time. He is not a candidate for God of Destruction for a reason.

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