The Supreme Kais, also recognized as the Creation Gods or Grand Supreme Kais, are the Deities who are simply born divine and who have the final duty to protect the universe of their rank. They possess godly abilities and live outside the main universe macrocosm in the Sacred World of the Kai.

They are the Gods of Creation who give the catalyst for life and planets to be born, as face to the Gods of Destruction who destroy life and planets, which keeps the balance of the universe. Supreme Kai can provide the force for planets to be born; also, they will sometimes divide up one world and increase the number of planets. They even do things like create life-forms, or transplant them from another planet, but their primary job is to watch over the various planets

Recently Toyotaro Posted a photo of three Kaioshin on Twitter.

Toyotaro is the writer of the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, which debuted in the 2012  November issue of V-Jump and the artist of the Dragon Ball Super manga version.

These three Kaioshin are just doodles but Hopefully, we will see these Kaioshin in the upcoming arc.

Again, nothing is confirmed but the sketches looks like Makaioshins.

Makaioshins are Shinjin who govern evil in the Demon Realm.

The Makaioshin were first included in the second Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guide, which was issued in 2009. The Makaioshin are in a sense the adverse of Supreme Kais but can be correlated with the Grand Supreme Kai. They exist in the Demon Realm, which is found at the very tip of the universe, also rule over the demons and Makaio there.


DBS SPOILERS: Vegeta’s Fate In Tournament of Power

Hey everyone! Today, I wanna talk about Vegeta, and his fate in the Tournament of Power. In the last episode, we saw how Universe 2, and Universe 6 got eliminated, and this led to their Erasure. However, there are still 4 Universes left, and there’s no time to stop for our Universe 7 warriors.

The next episode of Dragon Ball Super, Episode 119, is going to be focused on Universe 4, and their attack on Universe 7 warriors most of whom are tired already. From the preview, it was clear that almost everyone from Universe 7 was fighting Universe 4, and this includes Vegeta. It seems Vegeta is going to deal with Katopesla from Universe 3 first, and later turn his attention to the warriors from Universe 4. But, things don’t really look too well for him.

From the preview, it almost seemed like Vegeta was getting eliminated from the Tournament of Power. One of the members of Universe 4, who is invisible, is going to force him off the ring, and will likely try to eliminate him. Many people have been jumping to the conclusion that Vegeta is going to be eliminated. This claim is further backed up by the spoiler that a member from Universe 7 will be eliminated, which is obviously going to be a huge blow to them.

While most people do think it is Vegeta. I digress. Vegeta is not going to be eliminated here, for various reasons. But, the most important reason of them all is that we have a confirmation from Toshio himself. Toshio is one of the writers behind Dragon Ball Super anime, and he has written a certain episode about Vegeta we will get in December or January.

This episode is going to feature Vegeta in the Tournament of Power, and basically, what he said was, he drew Vegeta being cool. So, we haven’t got the Vegeta episode yet.

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