Howdy Everyone. Dragon Ball Super is one of many peoples favorite anime of all times and it has been 3 years since it started. It was a wonderful time watching our favorite character like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza and many others back in action after Dragon Ball Z and we also got some new characters like Zamasu & Goku Black, Hit, Frost, Kale & Caulifla, Saiyan Cabba and many other.

Universal Survival Arc is my personal favorite, we got to see many new characters and got to know about awesome fighters in other Universes. The mighty Jiren the strongest warrior in Tournament Of Power, Toppo. We got to know about the Gods like mysterious grand priest, childish Zeno Sama and his so-called guards.

We saw our favorite characters going beyond their limits and achieve new transformations, Super Saiyan Blue, Kaio Ken 20x, Ultra Instinct, Limit Breaker Vegeta, and we might see something new in the upcoming episodes. We may or may not see Goku winning the Tournament Of Power, but we all know that everything will work out somehow.

We have confirmation coming straight from Japan, that Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 will be the final episode of the series, which was confirmed by our trusted translators from Twitter Ken Xyro, Herms98, Goveta XV. They all confirmed that Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 will be the final Episode Of series and Kitaro Anime will take it’s place and will air on Sundays instead of Dragon Ball Super.

But we also got confirmation from our trusted source of information Ken Xyro from Twitter that series might return in the near future with a different name, maybe after the December Dragon Ball Super Movie Origin Of Warrior Race Saiyans, let’s hope for the best.

Maybe it’s temporary, Toei Animation is giving Dragon Ball Super a break to focus all their resources on the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Movie, if that’s the case here than fans should hope something astonishing from the upcoming movie. So my guess is that the series will return after the December movie.

We are going to miss Dragon Ball Super for so many reasons, it has been our favorite show form past 3 years when it started, it has been a long journey with Dragon Ball Super and Now let’s hope that the series will come back soon. Thanks, Toei Animation for the past 3 incredible years.


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