When Goku was still searching for the warriors that will complete Team Universe 7, Android 17 was not a part of the popularity list. Even so, Android 17 was not expected (at all) to be the team’s MVP. That’s why when he sacrificed himself to shield Vegeta and Goku, he was regarded as a new hero, albeit not a part of the Z team.

Majority of the fans believe that Android 17 will never be revived in the series again, at least not before the end of Super. When Universe 7 wins, they can revive Android 17, albeit not an Android anymore. He can still exist in the next arcs following the Tournament of Power. Since Android 17 attracted a lot of new fans during his stay in the tournament, there is no way Toei won’t bring him back.

It seems like Android 17 fans might still cling to the tiniest string of hope they can find. And that tiny string of hope is from the Twitter post of the Todd Blakenship showing his translation of Dragon Ball Super spoilers. As per this spoiler, Android 17 might still be alive and is somewhere in the Tournament of Power.

According to the translation, Goku will finally arrive at the secret to master the Ultra Instinct. It is also mentioned how Goku already acquired the power that can beat the power of Gods of Destruction. It is also mentioned how Goku’s fight against Jiren will be a historical moment in the Dragon Ball universe.

But the most interesting part of the translation is when one of the sub-headlines mentioned Android 17. “Climax to the Tournament of Power!! Universe 7 (Son Goku, Freeza, Android No. 17) VS Universe 11 (Jiren)”. It is possible that Android 17 might still be alive because he is still under Universe 7.

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