We are about 90% through the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super, with only two universes remaining in Universe 11 and 7.

The other 6 universes were destroyed by the two Zeno’s who are the rulers of everything in each universe.

These two childish characters were introduced much earlier on in Dragon Ball Super, with even the God’s of Destruction’s and angels fearing them.

As a result, many believe that they are invincible, however, that isn’t true at all, which I will now explain to you as I too in the past thought that they were invincible.

The Zeno's
The Zeno’s

One indication that the Zeno’s can be defeated is that they need two guards with them at all times.

In addition, the Grand Priest is another guardian of the two Zeno’s and is said to be stronger than all the other angels.

By needing these incredibly powerful guards, it means that the Zeno’s can be defeated and in episode 123 of Dragon Ball Super it was confirmed how.

While the two Zeno’s were looking at their God Pads, which are essentially ipads for gods, the Zeno’s complained that they couldn’t see the speed of Universe 11’s Dyspo and Universe 7’s Gohan, even with the slow motion feature.

The Zeno's Guards
The Zeno’s Guards

That to me indicates that the two Zeno’s aren’t very fast and if they were to be attacked quickly before they can react, then a quick opponent could kill them.

For that to happen his guards will need to be distracted and then the rulers of everything are at risk. Because of this revelation, we now know how to defeat them, and that is to attack them quickly, as they don’t appear to have any battle sense at all.

There is no doubt in my mind that the other warriors have also noticed this and maybe one day someone like Frieza might exploit it

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