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Dragon Ball Super Anime Confirms A Second Tournament Of Power

It might be hard to believe, especially as we have seen confirmation that Dragon Ball Super is going on a break for a few months recently, however, it seems as we have had some great news.The Dragon Ball Super anime has only just now officially announced that there will be another Tournament of Power in the future.

This confirmation comes even with the continuation of the current Tournament of Power, as only two universes remain and that is Universe 11 and 7.Universe 11’s Jiren is ridiculously powerful and so is Toppo, which means it will be quite tough for Frieza, Vegeta, Android 17 and Goku from Universe 7 to defeat the two Pride Troopers.

In addition, it looks as if things are only going to get harder for Universe 7, especially as both Toppo and Jiren are at the same level as a God of Destruction.

Universe 11
Universe 11

But even with the fight continuing in episode 123 of Dragon Ball Super, it was confirmed that there will be a second Tournament of Power after this one.As we know there were four universes left out of this tournament, while it’s expected that the winner of this tournament will wish the other universes back using the Super Dragon Ball’s.

Now if that happens it is likely that there will be another Tournament of Power, especially as the two Zeno’s have been entertained so far and will probably demand another tournament.Meanwhile, in episode 123 of Dragon Ball Super, the Grand Priest confirmed that there will be a “next time” when referring to the current tournament.

Universe 7
Universe 7

While the two Zeno’s complained that they couldn’t see the speed of Dyspo, even with the slow motion feature on their God Pads, the confirmation was revealed.From there the Grand Priest confirmed that next time the God Pad will be improved, which means that there will be a “next time.”

So despite Dragon Ball Super going on a break after March, it seems that there will be another Tournament of Power coming soon after that.

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