Dragon Ball Super 119, titled “A New Sacrifice from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!!!,” reveals a possibility that one of Universe 7’s fighter will be disqualified in the Tournament.

Dragon Ball Super has continued unpredictable with its contents and twisted up to this date. In the current state of the Tournament of Power, it is acceptable that no power is higher than the other. Although there are essential separations between some of the characters, it’s evident that anyone can exceed their limits.

According to a Twitter Pole Created by Terez.

0%    Fans Voted for Frieza

3%    Fans Voted for Gohan

3%    Fans Voted for Goku

6%    Fans Voted for Vegeta

7%    Fans Voted for Android 17

36 % Fans Voted for Android 18

45 % Fans Voted for Piccolo

Piccolo and Gohan are fighting with Universe 6 Namekians. The Namekians would need to display a level of power unexpectedly high given what we’ve seen of Universe 7 Namekians. Piccolo is already a one-off exception. They would need to demonstrate the ability to compete with the characters known to be compelling to set up the level of power Piccolo needs to achieve to defeat the pair.

Even I believe that Piccolo will be the One who will get eliminated in episode 119.

Elimination Theory Based on the Opening of Dragon Ball Super.

According To Universe 7 Elimination Theory, Krillin holds a one-star Dragon Ball,  and fans know that he was the first Universe 7 fighter to get eliminated from the deadly martial arts tournament.

Tien holds the Dragon Ball with two stars, Master Roshi holding the three-star ‘Dragon Ball’ and so far that’s the order of elimination for Universe 7 fighters, and we already saw in that opening Piccolo holds the four-star Dragon Ball.

You can see that Goku Vegeta and Gohan are not there they are the last three, and with Freiza holding the seven-star dragon ball he is going to be with the last four members of Universe 7.


Revealed: How Beerus Was Supposed To Look Before They Changed It

Beerus is a Hakaishin, who destroys planets to make room for new ones, and balances out the Gods of Creation, the Kais. He is one of the entire powerful beings in the entirety of Universe 7, feared by even the Kaioshins.

Beerus appearance is that of a purple, catlike with a humanoid build. Perched atop his head are substantially pointed ears, which give him a great sense of hearing, the left of which has a metal piercing. He also has a long, whip-like tail. The God Of Destruction has a thin build that denies his remarkable strength; his slim physique is enhanced by a small but present muscle build.

Beerus vs Super Saiyan God Goku

He served as the primary villain of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Movie. After introducing a vision of the so-called “Super Saiyan God” making a Worthy Challenger for him, he shows up on earth. Despite his dreaded “profession,” he’s an unexpected exception to the commonly sadistic monster that a Dragon Ball Z Antagonist usually is.

Beerus Strongest

After this, he goes on to becomes a supporting character throughout Dragon Ball Super, quite often as an ally.

Beerus design idea was partially based on a Cornish Rex cat that had been with Toriyama at the period of design work, the cat surprisingly recovered from a disease and the veteran joking that it was demonic.

dragon ball super ending

Toriyama initially had the character to look like a lizard, changing it entirely after.

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