The GodPad is a tablet used by the two Zenos to keep track of competitors that get knocked out of the fighting arena during the Tournament of Power.

These GodPads allow Zeno Sama to pick fighters out of the battle arena and check them out. Once all ten warriors of a universe eliminated, this one declared loser and must be destroyed.

These tablets are quite similar to those we know, but they are decorated in the purest style of the gods. On the top of the GodPads, we can see written “Zeno.”

Dragon Ball Super’s Universal survival arc opened up a whole multiverse of new possibilities, with loads of new universes to explore, populated with all kinds of compelling new figures, including some remarkable new fighters. Seeing over both the tournament is the Grand Zenos, who keep track of the events of the tournament with their GodPad. Thanks to a close-up of the GodPad screen, fans are learning some fresh new details about Dragon Ball Super’s other universes.

Universe 1 – OWL –  Iwen is wise like the owl.

Universe 2 – HORUS – Horus was often the ancient Egyptians’ national tutelary deity.

Universe 3 – AL – Probably meant to represent their technological advancement.

Universe 4 – KNIFE AND SNAKE – Universe 4 is very sharp, just like Knife.

Universe 5 – LIBRA SCALES – The scales of balance.

Universe 6 – SHIP/CRUMBLING CUBE – Labyrinth is a word of Greek, Minoan origin, which the Greeks associated with the palace of Knossos in Crete.

Universe 7 – TREE AND TWO FRUITS – Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology.

Universe 8 – THREE INTERSECTING ARROWS – I think it represents different results for different paths.

Universe 9 – WOLF – Vánagandr is a monstrous wolf in Norse mythology.

Universe 10 – LIGHTNING/SHOE PRINT – The intellect in action.

Universe 11 – EYE/CLOWN FACE – This icon symbolizes the Hamsa or evil eye.

Universe 12 – SUN AND MOON -Maybe, because Gene always strives for balance.

One thing that supporters have seized on instantly is the possible joke in Universe 7’s emblem, which approximately translates to “Tree & 2 Fruits”. Some of the more fans out there have drifted the idea that the Universe 7 emblem could be a reference to the male nether regions!

On a more serious note, other fans are spotting connections between each universe Emblem and the possible power hierarchies of that respective universe.

There are so many theories about the distinctive universe emblems as we speak, trying to decipher what they might hint about what’s coming in the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

After GodTube (Based on Youtube), this is the second modern element of real life to be transposed into the world of Dragon Ball under the name “God-something,” in Dragon Ball Super.

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