DBS New Warrior’s Real Identity Revealed

Hey guys. We have some pretty awesome news about the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. In the next episode, we know that in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super that it is going to be an all-out battle between Universe 3 and Universe 7. In the next episode, we will witness the trump card of Universe 3. As it has already been revealed that the robots of Universe 3 are going to undergo a fusion together. This is their ace against Universe 7. A few days back, it was revealed that a new character will be making an appearance in the series.

Well, now we have an actual confirmation regarding the new warrior. It was pointed out by KenXyro on Twitter that the mysterious warrior is, in fact, the warrior of Universe 3. You can take a look at the tweet by KenXyro below—
“A better scan of that “Character yet to appear in the Anime”.

Character’s name seen, to begin with, “A” so I guess this is “Aniraza” which will appear in DBS episode 121. https://t.co/H10bgMPjdI ” — KenXyro
Following up the name of the character, he further revealed that the fighter is actually the new warrior from Universe 3.

Rather the new fused warrior. Take a look at this tweet—
“I’ve circled the place you need to zoom in at.
It’s very clear, no doubt about it being the U3 robot. https://t.co/mB6hY70EM3 “—@KenXyro
The new fused warrior will first of all be taking on Goku and Vegeta, who will him in the Super Saiyan Blue mode I believe.

However, in this episode, it will be Gohan who will take the centre stage and fight off Aniraza. It is going to be an intense battle that is for sure. It is after a long time, that Gohan is actually getting some decent screen time. It will be intriguing to see whether or not Gohan makes it through the end of the Tournament of Power.

It also looks that Android 18 might be eliminated in the next episode as a leaked preview image was released and it had the leftover members of Universe 7. She was not in the photo. I think there is a chance that it might be true as Universe 7 have the sheer advantage of numbers while compared to the other two remaining universes in the Tournament of Power. It would bring the tournament to a much more intense conclusion. The fewer the number of fighters remaining at the end, the more intense it will be. This is a really good trick to attract more viewers.


Future Trunks’ Connection With ToP

Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super is quickly moving towards the end of Tournament of Power. There are just three Universes left in the Tournament, who are desperately trying to ensure their survival. However, as we know that another universe will be getting eliminated from the Tournament of Power. We pretty much know Universe 3 is going to bite the dust soon. This will leave us with just two universes. Universe 7 and Universe 11. However I am not here to discuss the Tournament of Power. In today’s post, I shall be discussing the role of future Trunks and his connection in the series. Well, people who are up to date with the Dragon Ball Super series will know how good the Trunks saga was.

If you haven’t watched the Trunks saga then I highly suggest retreating as this post may spoil you. However, if you’re fine with spoilers, then do continue reading. So as I was saying that Future Trunks saga was quite a good one. I mean who didn’t enjoy seeing Black Goku and Zamasu. Both of them were really great antagonists and I really enjoyed watching them. However, the future Trunks is actually connected to the Tournament of Power. Future Trunks actually became Super Saiyan at the same time when Future Trunks became Super Saiyan for the first time.

Who can forget the ending of the Future Trunks saga in the anime. If you haven’t read the manga then you must know that the ending is quite different. The anime one wasn’t that great, however the manga one was pretty awesome. It was really fun arc but the ending was seriously disappointing. Trunks ended the battle with his spirit bomb. In the anime, Zamasu turned into an evil cloud. The manga is different as the battle is turned into strategy to allow Zamasu’s limited time fusion to run out.

Vegito also makes an appearance and he is much more powerful than the fused Zamasu. As the final resort, Zamasu turned himself into an army. Now that moment was pretty awesome and…
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