Hey guys. Is it necessary that Dragon Ball Super produces outstanding episodes so that the series can end properly? There are a lot of things to talk about from today’s episode. The episode was to be the last ever episode for Android 17. As he destructed himself to protect his comrades. In DBZ episode 126, we saw Vegeta showing us that with proper training. He can surpass everyone and break through every barrier.

Vegeta clashed against Toppo, who had undergone the transformation. Which made him a God of Destruction. Despite the transformation, Vegeta didn’t even hesitate the least and took on Toppo. He knocked Toppo out of the Tournament of Power and left Jiren to fight alone against Universe 7. Jiren was hardly surprised with Toppo’s pathetic performance. He even complimented Vegeta’s power. For the majority of the episode, Jiren handed out Ls to Android 17, Goku, Vegeta and even Freeza.

Dragon Ball fans have a new favorite character after today’s episode and it’s Android 17. The way that Android 17 handled Jiren and before that Toppo. It’s simply outstanding. In today’s episode, Jiren removed all of his limiters and used his full power. Jiren’s power was reaching the stands. And everyone was astonished at the sheer power of this being used. Universe 7 could hardly catch Jiren despite all of the attempts. However, Android 17 may have just revealed the way to defeat Jiren. While Jiren was fighting Goku. Android 17 managed to land a strong attack on Jiren’s back.

Jiren was distracted by Gokū’s attack, so this created an opening for Android 17 to attack. This showed that if Jiren was hit with a strong attack, even he could be hurt. So, this has changed all the doubts of the fans. Who were saying that Jiren can’t be harmed. And in the upcoming episodes, we will certainly see Jiren receiving even more damage from his fight.

I’m not sure if Gokū will manage to defeat Jiren but we will find out. Gokū will at least be able to test Jiren. Rather, Goku will do just more than test Jiren. He will push to his limits. In DBZ 129, Goku will be using Ultra Instinct, and will probably master it. There’s a lot of hope and I’m surely looking forward to seeing it.





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