DBS Fans Are Really Angry About [Spoiler]

According to Jiren, strength is absolute. It forgives everything, even the past of a person. That’s when Jiren probably joined the Pride Troopers, and fought for Justice. However, in reality, Jiren used strength to cover up his past. Does this tie the loose ends of the details we had on Jiren until now? Not really. Truth be told, this doesn’t make any sense. A couple of episodes ago, Jiren fought Goku, and asked him why he sought strength.

Goku’s answer was that he needed to get stronger just for the fun of it. Goku asked the same question to Jiren, and he answered with, “What I seek lies beyond strength.”

It gave us a rough idea that Jiren doesn’t want to get stronger, and he doesn’t believe that getting stronger is everything. However, now we have a completely different image of Jiren.

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