Hey there, fans of Dragon Ball Super! Today, I want to talk about Jiren’s past. As you all probably already know, Jiren’s past was revealed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 127. According to Belmod, Jiren was just a normal child, living a normal life. Until one day, an evil person killed his entire family. Jiren was traumatized from this traumatic experience and couldn’t handle it.

He was saved and taken in by this person, who then started to train him. Jiren started building an army and then went up against this evil person.

However, Jiren failed to take beat him. Resulting in losing his master, who gave up his life in order to protect Jiren. His friends just gave up on him leaving him alone. This is where Jiren decided all he wanted to do was to get stronger.

According to Jiren, strength is absolute. It forgives everything, even the past of a person. That’s when Jiren probably joined the Pride Troopers, and fought for Justice. However, in reality, Jiren used strength to cover up his past. Does this tie the loose ends of the details we had on Jiren until now? Not really. Truth be told, this doesn’t make any sense. A couple of episodes ago, Jiren fought Goku, and asked him why he sought strength.

Goku’s answer was that he needed to get stronger just for the fun of it. Goku asked the same question to Jiren, and he answered with, “What I seek lies beyond strength.”

It gave us a rough idea that Jiren doesn’t want to get stronger, and he doesn’t believe that getting stronger is everything. However, now we have a completely different image of Jiren.

At first, I thought he’d be someone who was different from Goku. It looked like strength wasn’t everything to him, and his wish seemed a lot more interesting. But, I don’t believe that now. His story is just way too easy to guess. I think a lot of you might’ve guessed this to be the case, and it ended up being true. The idea behind the story isn’t convincing enough to be sold, really. It is down to bad writing, which has been an issue in Dragon Ball Super all along.

Jiren’s wish is a lot more clear now as well. It is likely that he just wants to get strong enough to take down the evil once and for all. That’s why for this one wish, he would even be ready to go against what he stands for, which is to kill this person. Maybe Jiren just doesn’t have enough power to take him down, and to me, it seems like that what he wants. I don’t think we’ll get to see the end of it anyway, so I guess talking about it doesn’t matter either. It is just that the character Jiren got a lot less interesting due to bad writing, once again.




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