DBS Fans Are Really Angry About [Spoiler]

Hey there, fans of Dragon Ball Super! Today, I want to talk about Jiren’s past. As you all probably already know, Jiren’s past was revealed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 127. According to Belmod, Jiren was just a normal child, living a normal life. Until one day, an evil person killed his entire family. Jiren was traumatized from this traumatic experience and couldn’t handle it.

He was saved and taken in by this person, who then started to train him. Jiren started building an army and then went up against this evil person.

However, Jiren failed to take beat him. Resulting in losing his master, who gave up his life in order to protect Jiren. His friends just gave up on him leaving him alone. This is where Jiren decided all he wanted to do was to get stronger.

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