Hey…guy…guys. So sorry, I’m actually recover…. recovering from the magnificent Dragon Ball Super episode 123. Before we go ahead with the post, I’d like to warn you that this post contains possible spoilers for Dragon Ball Super 124. So, please read ahead at your own risk. Now let’s start with the post. Amidst all the great things in today’s episode, there was one particular detail that everyone seemed to miss.

I wouldn’t blame any of you, because I had to go through the episode several times in order to find this little detail. There are only seven minutes remaining in the Tournament of Power, and Universe 7 still outnumbers Universe 11 by 5 to 3. So, it’s obvious as things stand Universe 7 will win the Tournament of Power with their current number, because as we know the Universe with the most fighters remaining will the Tournament of Power. I don’t think that the Tournament of Power will end like this unless they don’t want Jiren to lose. Dragon Ball Super could ensure this by ending the match between Jiren and Gokū, and Vegeta in a draw.

In this way, Jiren’s pride will remain intact. However, I believe that there will be more eliminations and one of the two Universes will end up losing all of its fighters. Normally one would presume that it is going to be Universe 7 who is going to win, and if I had been asked is Universe 7 is going to win the ToP? I would have agreed to that. But before this we never had Jiren. He is a phenomenal character who has sparked life into the Tournament of Power. So this time around, there are several theories that point out that Jiren and Universe 11 will win the ToP.

Even if this does happen, then it doesn’t mean that no one else is going to be eliminated. There is a very high chance that Android 17 has been eliminated from the ToP along with Toppo. It would make sense as Gohan fighting with Frieza while originally Gohan and 17 were fighting Toppo. However, towards the end of the episode, Android 17 and Toppo are nowhere to be found.

The remaining warriors in the Tournament of Power would be— Goku, Vegeta, Jiren, Frieza, Gohan and Dyspo. It is possible that Android 17 and Toppo are already eliminated. Sooner or later someone had to go and it’s not really surprising. Both of them did very well to last until the end. That’s it from me.


Grand Priest Just Confirmed One Thing About Vegeta

Hey guys. Today’s episode was one of the greatest ever episodes in Dragon Ball Super. It will definitely go down as one of the best ever episodes. The episode is out and if you haven’t watched it then I suggest finishing it asap. Now let’s move on. The center of focus of today’s episode were two things. One was Jiren reaching new power levels and the other was Vegeta’s newly acquired form. I’ll talk about both the things in this post.

So be warned this will have spoilers for those who haven’t watched the episode yet. First of all, let’s talk about Jiren’s mind-blowing power level. He just can’t stop increasing his power. Throughout the majority of the Tournament of Power, Jiren has never felt the need to use his full power. It makes you think that if Ultra Instinct Gokū wasn’t enough to push Jiren to go beyond his normal power, then what will be? I’m just sitting here in awe that Jiren still can increase his power. When he did finally power up today, he just showed a glimpse of his real power and my God that left me speechless.

Just one punch was enough to scare Goku. Yes! Gokū got scared and powered down from Super Saiyan Blue to his base form. This will be one of the most iconic moments in the franchise’s history. Moving on to the second thing. Vegeta finally showed his new power. However, we didn’t get to see him in too much action. They’re probably saving it for the next episode. The Grand Priest confirmed that Vegeta broke through his shell and he pushed himself past his limits.

Just like when Gokū achieved Ultra Instinct by breaking through his shell. I think that it is almost confirmed that Vegeta won’t be getting any more power-ups. It makes sense as he has broken through his shell once now and breaking through it once again in a very short period would be kind of well… surprising. Dragon Ball Super being so kind to Vegeta is something that I can’t see happening.
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