Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to be discussing the Dragon Ball Super spoilers for the upcoming episodes in detail, and like always, I want to give you a heads up before we begin. If you’re not okay with spoilers and want to enjoy the show without knowing what’ll happen next, I suggest you don’t read this post.

However, if you like knowing what will happen, and enjoy the hype, then let’s continue. Now, I’m here mainly to discuss whatever little spoiler it is that we have for Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, and Dragon Ball Super Episode 123. The Tournament of Power will wrap up within the next 12-13 episodes, and now, we have just 12 minutes left, which isn’t that long really. I think we’ll see a minute elapse per episode from here on out.

Further, in the recent episode, which was Dragon Ball Super Episode 119, we saw another Universe getting erased, and this time, it was Universe 4. This means we only have 3 Universes left in the Tournament of Power now; Universe 3, Universe 7, and Universe 11. Thanks to the spoilers for the next two episodes, we know that the focus is going to be Universe 3, and they will take on Universe 11.

I don’t know why everyone is targeting Universe 7, but I guess we’ll never know. Anyway, Gohan is going to be the focus of the next two episodes of Dragon Ball Super. But, after Universe 3 is done, the real deal begins. Universe 7 will finally take on Universe 11. Jiren will finally be in action once again, and we might even see a Goku vs Jiren rematch.

But spoilers for Episode 122 for Dragon Ball Super suggest that Vegeta will now take the spotlight. We don’t have detailed spoilers for Episode 122 or 123, but we do have the titles. Episode 122 is titled “Staking his Pride! Vegeta challenges the strongest!”. This basically says that Vegeta will take on Jiren in Episode 122 of Dragon Ball Super, which is likely going to be extremely good. Now we also have the title of Episode 123 of Dragon Ball Super.

The title for Episode 123 of Dragon Ball Super is “Full Body, Full Spirit, Full Power Released!”. This could easily mean Vegeta is going to release his full power vs Jiren. If he does that, I’m certain we’ll see something new from Vegeta. Maybe Ultra Instinct, maybe not. I’m not sure at this point. It could also mean that Goku will release his full power, and take on Jiren. But, my bet is on Vegeta taking on Jiren at full power. We’ll get the details about Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 and 123 soon.


All 13 Remaining Warriors In The Tournament of Power – Ranked

The Tournament of Power is near its conclusion now, with just 3 more Universes remaining. From those 3 Universes, 13 warriors remain in total. Today, I have decided to make a list of all the 13 warriors left in the Tournament of Power, and rank them accordingly. So let’s get started.

13. Koitsukai

Koitsukai is a member of the team from Universe 3. He doesn’t have any feats to his name. He was easily blown away by base Caulifla’s attack. We haven’t seen much from him, so I’ve put him at the bottom.

12. Panchia

Just like koitsukai, Panchia doesn’t have any feats to his name. I cannot really rank them without having shown any power. So, I’ve placed him just below Koitsukai. Maybe we’ll see his power in the upcoming episode.

11. Borareta

So, we begin with Borareta. He’s a member of the Universe 3 team, and has made it to the end of Tournament of Power, which is really impressive. However, we haven’t seen enough of any Universe 3 members to actually scale them. We do know that he’s going to fuse with the rest of the Universe 3 members, and if that does happen, he’ll be very powerful.

10. Paparoni

Paparoni is also from Universe 3. Unlike the rest of the three, we’ve seen him fight a little. However, he’s very weak. In fact, he was beaten by Android 18 pretty easily. Even then, he happens to be stronger than the rest of U3 warriors left.

9. 18

Android 18 is from Universe 7. She’s a very powerful warrior, with limitless energy. She even defeated Ribrianne, which is a great deal. 18 is extremely powerful, but despite all that, I don’t think she can rank any higher.

8. Dyspo

Dyspo is a member of the Team from Universe 11. He’s one of the fastest characters in the Tournament of Power, and he even gave Hit some trouble for a while. He is a powerful one indeed. But, he was nearly done in by Maji Kayo, and I don’t think he’ll make it to the end.

7. Gohan

Gohan is a warrior from Universe 7, and is the son of Goku. He’s definitely one of the strongest at the Tournament of Power. Gohan showed a glimpse of his powers when he defeated the Universe 6 Namekians, and now he’ll defeat U3 warriors as well. He’s slowly getting back to his best.

6. 17

Android 17 is from Universe 7 as well. He is a very powerful warrior, and hasn’t gotten serious in the Tournament of Power yet. He has limitless energy, and thus, he can fight at top gear the whole time. He was able to fight Ssgss Goku and was till holding back, so expect him to be very powerful.

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