This is not a speculation or another theory, Vegeta is actually going to have another transformation in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. And not only is he gonna get a new transformation, but this is also Vegeta’s first unique transformation after his Majin Form aka Super Saiyan 2.

It is expected that Vegeta is gonna sport some new moves for us to see in the next episode. And on top of that Vegeta is expected to have a new form, and this is even after falling like Yamcha last episode. Is this the attack mode Ultra Instinct? Is this the Mastered Super Saiyan Blue? Or is this the Super Saiyan Blue 2?

It can be seen in the leaked picture of the next episode that Vegeta’s hair got a deeper hue than Goku’s hair. Now, since the beginning of the Super Saiyan transformation craze, hair colors were always the same for all characters who can transform into SS forms. This is seen best in during the Androids and Cell Saga, when shading the hair is not as detailed as it is right now.

This could only mean one thing, Vegeta will have a new form and this form was never achieved by anyone before. He is finally having his own form, the first one that he discovered. And probably, this is that “thing” that he’s been practicing in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber right before the Tournament of Power starts.

Vegeta might not still be good enough to fight against Jiren alone, but at least the Universe 7 got more chances of beating him right now. And as per Vegeta, this might be the spotlight that he deserves. He might not get the Ultra Instinct, but achieving something that Goku still hasn’t able to achieve, Vegeta deserves a cookie.


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